Would you quit if they censor Vykas?

Would you?

They said Vykas was unchanged, but well, they also said it was coming mid june.


I would quit, yes

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No I am not in puberty.


The hell this coomer post wtf :joy:


The coomer vibe on the forums is getting off the charts lately.


Vykas is already censored. Amazon gave her cocked name. It is Biakiss, not Vykas. In all other regions where this game was made available she was Biakiss, except on west.

forums are doomed, baby ragers coomers and delusional evil company activies dwell here now

Some people want to play this game for beeing an “mmo”, some for the legion raids, some for the skins,
And the few, like the OP, to compensate the irl lack of b00bs :rofl:

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They said they would not.

Nah, we play bc of all this and most important, a game that is not censored



There are plenty of better things to quit over than a censor Vykas lmao.

Some quit over

  1. Bots
  2. Queues
  3. Honing
  4. Progression
  5. Difficult of some bosses
  6. Guild system



Nope, don’t care.

LMAO did you really tried to shit on this post with THIS argument? Well yes I’d rather quit because of censorship, not just because I’m bad at the game lol

I wouldn’t quit but I can understand the argument that it takes away from the lore. Vykas is a succubus and her weapons are provocative outfits and poses which is further emphasized through the QWER puzzle while this. Which is a great idea, because it fits the theme of a succubus really well.

Clearly, you believe every player playing this game is around your age and have your level of skill.

You clearly also haven’t seen the good bye post from people on forums that state they’re to old or that they’re less skilled to handle Argos and Valtan kek.

You might as quit watching hentai if you’re into that since theres so much censorship there XDDD

So of all the current game issues and reasons people would quit, you ask if they would quit over Vykas censorship?


Well they kinda had all this to think before the game launched butt, they went for the Skin color change on cards and npc, names, censor of clothes, starter skins etc, so never doubt

Fair, but honestly all of those is incomparable to the actual video scene with Vykas that people are concerned about in regards to censorship.

For cards, npcs, names, clothes, skins that’s something people have to like zoom in with their camera to view it and I would assume a lot of people most of the time have their camera scaled wayy out


The camera position in the scene with Vykas that has been going around for a while xD