Wow all these updates

So cool, quality of life, new raids, new events. Too bad you guys can’t fix the galatur reset bug that caused me to lose stronghold quests. It’s been like that since the release of the game, and none of you devs have responded to the “Official Galatur thread” in almost 3 months :p. FLAGGED FOR ADVERTISEMENT, CLASSY MODS

Hey @Nicelogicbro hope you’re doing very well.

I’m sincerely sorry for this situation you experienced with the bug that caused you to loose some quests, this is not the experience we want our players to have.

Help us escalate this situation over the website:

Contact Us | Amazon Games

Hope it’s useful, have a nice day!

@Legumi Escalating the issue will do nothing, as smilegate has known about this issue since the first day of free release. They even posted about it in news and made an “Official Galatur Thread” to fix the issue, which no Dev has replied to in over 2 and a half months. I would appreciate it if you were to reply to the Official Galatur Thread and let the players know any information at all. I don’t have full access to my stronghold which has been hindering me since the day of free release.

Hey @Nicelogicbro I really hope you’re having a nice day!

I’m sincerely sorry you feel escalating this type of situations will do nothing when in fact it helps us determine and evaluate lots of information from the players which escalated the situation.

As well it lets us know how many players are experiencing this issue, so it’s really valuable and rest assured we are working towards a solution to fix the issues bothering the players. So lets remember to escalate this type of problems and as well we have the #game-feedback section!