WOW! fish is 150+G/ 3200+G for 95 crystals wtf!

Whales/Elitists say bots are the ones keeping prices down. LMFAO!!!
Edit - wait now its 3500G, Great!

Bots were keeping trade skill items down.

Anything they do to create raw gold = inflation because more gold is injected into the economy through RMT. Raw gold = gold from una coins for the week, Oreha, Argos, etc. They don’t really do Legion raids on a mass scale but wouldn’t be surprised if some are buses through Valtan NM.

Things they farm to sell on the market do NOT cause inflation. They inject excess of those items on the market which players buy with their gold, thus causing those items to deflate. That is just gold that players created circulating.

Examples of that is when they focus on trade skill farming, near launch they did infinite chaos dungeons and sold the items from the vendor while they were tradable, or how they focused on gaining gold through trading gems. When they focused on gems (chaos dungeon, boss rush) they deflated gem prices while players bought gems. No gold was generated but gems were deflated because that was their focus

As for why trade skill materials are up… Bots need to get to 1375 to sell them now. So they aren’t flooding the market with them anymore for now.

Edit: To be clear, their overall presence does cause inflation and that does affect everything. Just if they target a material/item they can sell to players that will deflate the cost of that/those specific items.


Imagine an MMO that needs to survive because of bots from the very 1st get go. LMFAO

Again its sort of fishy since from Dec-2019 to Feb 2022 crystal prices were so damn cheap and actual player count was so high. Around March to April those players left and were replaced by a lot of bots, and that’s where the crystal prices started to inflate.

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yeah trade skills are through the roof now, which will push fusion mats higher up.

Such as things are. Maybe people are happy as it means what they farm will be worth more.


mat prices we have now should have beend there since beginning

its just bots which gave us the opportunity to pay less

also lots of people dont use their lifeskill energy on daily bases

because they never had to , cause lifeskill mats were cheap

this prices are normal prices

also whales dont have to buy something atm , they already have everything
so they wont decrease the blue crystal price

like always, say thanks to RMTer , they are the reason why the market is now like it is

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Remove that boring fishing…. Or at least put the amount of fish getting from fishing higher… 6 fish per row wtf….

Bots get some restriction but the gold from them still flow into our economy, so the market is full with cheap botted gold and RMT users can pay that price easliy from botted gold.
So yes… these kind of “half-restrictions” harms only the legal/average players AGAIN!!

not complete correct , i know alot of legal and average players who bought that cheap fish / orehas since one year

so yes they got their chunk aswell of cheaper honing
less costs for everyone for month
same like grudgebooks back in septembers , most average legal player bought that cheap grudge books

so saying it only hurts the normal players is stupid in the first place, cause everyone was positive affected, same for gems before 1375 market posting

the amount of gems which flooded over month into the market was positive for every player who wanted cheap gem prices

everything has positive and negative affects , but saying it hits the wrong ones isnt true , cause everyone could do lifeskill and make their own orehas


You have to “buy” them, not freely available => for everyone!

The anniversary skins are free though the event vendor…

And all skins can be traded for gold, which you get for free by playing the game…

Also you dont play as Vykas!!! Its always about the controlled player not some boss that you’re slaying.

You talk about a totally different thing (btw what you are talking about is meaningless, nobody can buy not botted item in many category if that item is the cheapest, AH works in this way).
Problem is that when something stop the price will go up but from a different place the botted gold still come, so a new player or who could not afford cheap items in time, will find himself in a really bad situation where RMT players can afford 16k easily from cheap-botted gold but a legal player cant, same wih 5x3 (accessories), prices are high because of botted gold… :slight_smile: That will lead to less and less player and when the game will empty you will realize that bots are not the kind guys.


why it hurts the everage player ?
because hes not using his lifeskill

you say it affects the average and new player in a negative way, that fish is no 5x the price before the change

but if that said player uses his lifeskill every day he can just make in 16 minutes of fishing to use his 4000 energy
enough mats to earn 3000 gold from selling orehas for example

before it was 500-700 gold

so it has a positive side affekt for every player
yu say the players who didnt got cheap fish beforehand ?
but they had the same opportunity to buy that cheap fish beforehand , i know people who invested so much in fish they got now 5 times the amount of investment back
which are normal avergae players

in euC there are hundret thousands of fusion orehas at the auctionhouse
you know who have made them Ăź the average joe who bought fish , crafted in their stronghold that orehas and then sell it on a daily base for 3-5k profit , every day some make even more profit , depending when they bought that fish

so i personally think it hits only them who dont know how to make gold in the game because they are not intrested in
but thats a personal problem
everyone had the chance
even the new player still has the chance to make more gold with lifeskill now
so how is it negative ?
its just negative when you dont see the opportunity

You forgot the part where we have a limit in the shape of action energy, 10500 action energy is all you got before you have to wait for 3 days for it to fill.

So basically, it’s perhaps sufficient for your own purposes, probably not, but most definitely it’s not sufficient for selling with intent of profiting.

Bots are numerous and automated, hence their limits are, in the bigger picture, insignificant.

what ?

you gain every day 4000 lifeskill energy and about 16k stronghold energy

there is no 3 day waitings to fill up anything

thats what you can use every single day
and if you do that efficient , you make about 2500-3500 gold every day from it , now with that high prices

i make every day just from crafting stuff 8-10k gold just from buying cheap mats and sell goods , every day

you limitation is 16k stronghold energy , you know that you can craft granades 23 hours a day with that 16k energy ?
thats almost 380 granades every day
same like you can make about 1000 orehas every day from that 16k stronghold energy

it seem just because people dont know what their stronghold is capable of , does not mean it hurts the average player , it hurts just the ones who are not think about it

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Many players were waiting for the day the bots got banned from selling trade skill items.

This is a weeks worth or so of unbound crafted consumables, and only the ones I decided to keep for myself instead of selling. You can pump out endless gold with your stronghold.


Not to mention a backlog of 126 Action Energy refills

Bro, I’ve sold thousands of Oreha fusion material per week just before the last patch. Everyone and their mother knows that it’s basically printing money.

But that was before the fish prices jumped. I have NO WAY to earn even close to the amounts I’ve been able to just until 6 days ago, hence why even bother?

This is the calculation 6 days ago on my server, Lazenith/EUC:

10 x Oreha Solar Carp = 17 g
100 fish = 40 g
10 x natural pearl = 4 g
Crafting cost = 200 g

Total cost per 30 x basic oreha = 264 g
Total cost per 1 = 8,8 gold

Selling price used to be = 11 g

So until 6 days ago you could profit 2,2 g per 1 basic oreha fusion.

Situation now is as follows:

10 x Oreha Solar Carp = 48 g
100 x fish = 168 g
10 x natural pearl = 17 g
Craft cost = 200 g

Total cost per 30 x oreha fusion = 450,4 g
Total cost per 1 = 15,01 g
Selling price per 1 = 15 g

Therefore, now you officially LOSE 0,1 g per 1 basic oreha fusion material.


Your 2-3 k profit per fa just became 2-3k loss per day.

If you need me to translate this, it means that it’s actually (insignificantly) worth selling the fish mats, instead of crafting oreha fusion mats.

And now we’re back to our life energy limitations - based on the above-cited price situation, you’re literally using up all your life energy to earn around 200 gold per day. I’d say it’s literally the least efficient way to spend your time and energy, don’t you think?

Actually, screw that, I don’t care what you think.

I got science to ask what she thinks.


What about those who don’t have a backlog of 125 action energy refills because they haven’t played for the last 9 months?

What about those who actually do research and dispatch as well?

What about recent price changes? Yeah I’ve been printing money the same way you were at the same time, sucks that it’s not possible anymore, but oh well.

if you know how to print money , why you bother with that orehas ( which actually always are 3 days delayed to fish prices , you should know that )

you can make other things aswell , you even could have bought yesterday cheap huntim mats , they aren that fast exploding like fish , if you yesterday bought hunting mats and make orehas from that you still would be capable to print money )

also why didnt you buy fish in advance ?

i mean like i have still 100.000 raw fish and 200.000 redflesh fish i can swap to carp or pearls

everyone knew the point will come when the bots market will stop
why didnt buy fish in advance
and also i refer all the time to that 4000 lifeskill energy
that if free gold every day , i mean mushrooms are since 4 month all time highest value to create bombs with
so if fish is cheap you could have used you lifeskill energy for other things

that 4000 energy is enough to provide you enough consumables and orehas for your main every day

so there is no lost at all atm
cause you just have to spent that 15 minutes to use that 4000 energy

that is my point , whos buying orehas in the first place ? whales ? no
they are already max itemlvl

its the avergae joe and his alts whos too lazy to use his energy
they buy orehas and consumables

dont be smallminded think global

why you have 200g craftcost ? im at 182
why you didnt use the right costumes and buildings for oreha ? 18g diffrence between 30 orehas
man thats almost half a gold per oreha diffrence between me and you … that is alooot of gold


I wish I still had research to do.

There is one thing LA is good at and that is making it so anyone who didn’t play every day since launch will feel like they missed out on something.

Since Oreha can be made from Fishing/Excavating/Hunting players will just need to pivot to what is cheapest, or worse case daily gains will become what you can farm with your life energy each day.

Run Platinum Fields tickets solo and you’ll have all the flowers & mushrooms you could ever want to spend.

Excavation can burn 10000 Life Energy in 20 minutes and net you a lines worth of Oreha Crafting materials

It’s simply if you didn’t exploit the game when the bots made it exploitable, you’re going to have missed out. It’s a sad but true world.

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