Wow just wow! Level of incompetence

Just wow, so some people from my guild recived close to 200 pheons(yes they have too many chars) while me being off at work and having played more than 2000 hours in this game gotten nothing because i live a normal life?

Atleast you could own your own mistake and just let everyone have the mails after you send them, this is just next level of incompetence going on here. You cant give something and take it back again, otherwise think twice before giving in the first place.

Players that exploit should be banned and not hold me from playing the game for almost the entire day that i had left.

I have played many different mmo’s over the last 20 years, never, never have i seen anything of this level. Just out of words, how can you treat your player base like this. Really really disappointed, goes to show how little you actually care for the community.

Cheers to that!


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people that knew how to exploit were like 1? 2? hmm. Watching all these people crying is depressing ngl

Chill bro


They choose to press the button that gave everyone gifts. Like do you give a gift to your mom and then take it back because you feel its too much or do you use your brain before giving that gift in the first place? Thats my question really.

Honostly dont really care about those that exploit, but you dont give something and then take it away again. That goes to show your moral and how you think of your community.

Say christmas eve there are two presents under the tree, one for you and one for your brother. You go to the bathroom and your brother gets his present meanwhile, when you come back yours are gone. Yeah sorry we threw it out you dident deserve it, but your brother gets to keep his.

It’s w/e, people still surprising themself after 9 months of this shit is still impressive.
Things like this already happened in the past, people will soon forget about it and go on

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Slow down on the bong, not sure when something like this happend in the past, this is next level community management.

And the disconnect issue only got worse.

Login bonus multiple claims and box in the shop that lasted for 1 - 2 hours
Same shit, people soon forgot about it.

The only thing they can do now is to keep lying and finding funny excuses and pray they can keep their job by sending emails within their group about how it is not their fault. Best thanksgiving for everyone involved ever XD.

Extra login claims was a few shard bags, nothing major, so no its not forgotten. Box in the shop had to be bought for real money, so not even close to being the same. Multiple people in my guild got from 120-180 pheons. thats close to 60k gold on EUC.

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had to be bought with real money ye, do you remember how many kids started crying on the forum? i do.
So what, they spent some real moneys anyways to get 18 characters + most of the players got only 60 pheons, thats 12k gold in EUC. Not a big deal.

Why are you defending them? Dont you feel this mistake is huge? Disrespecting the community.

I’m not defending anyone lmao, they fucked up cause they are incompetent. There is nothing that can be done. Crying is useless, we are gonna get some sort of compensation anyways and the mistake won’t be fixed cause they cannot do it

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