Wow, so they didnt solve the problem with the mail?

completely lost

they forgave the exploiters

Nobody could exploit this.
People tried it and it didnt work.

They are spreading missinformation to cover it up.


they couldn’t exploit it, when you delete a character you have to wait for 24 hrs to create a new one in that character slot. But yes those that did or were able to open their mails got all the items.

yea theres a time limit on remaking. The question is I don’t remember but do you get free character slots on other servers (like server within NAW, EUC, etc.)

Since pheons are server wide maybe? I don’t know

Great injustice, so whoever was lucky enough to be in the game and claimed the pheons that weren’t supposed to come will get the pheons, and will the other players get Vitameow?

it doesn’t matter its a misinformation or the exploit couldn’t even be done
it matters that they forgave the exploiters
so we are free to what we want and we will be forgiven?

I think they wanted to sent the mail/roster not /caracter … No 6 is max free

people could exploit it. I know some of them lol

but it wasn’t significant enough to warrant not just adding a hotfix, that would only let accounts older than 3+ days claim rewards.

so, it’s not a lie but doesn’t excuse ags fuck up.

First there is no limit if the character is level 10. You can delete and instantly make the same character again, even with the same name. Only level 11 and above characters needs 24 hours pending and the names go on cool-down.

You get 6 character slots in each server, however pheons are not account wide. So you having 60 pheons on server A of region X doesn’t have anything to do with your main roster on server B of same region. Unless later on, those A and B servers get merged into one.