Wow this game is seriously messed up

I wanted to play Summoner on release but there was no summoner so i’ve been logging lost ark occasionally but i never actually started playing the game because there was no summoner. I did some pvp ended up diamond (technically i was master but i demoted on the last day because everyone was going fucking afk in rank on purpose so i lost my diamonds)

Now that my class is finally out, i went to pvp after months of not even trying a single round of pvp and its matching me against someone 3k+ in top 5 with probably 10k hours experience on my 2nd game when i have literally 5 minutes experience. I don’t know any of my skills and how they even look like

It’s extremely demotivating , what the hell is the point of investing time in this game. That’s like being 8 year old and going to your first karate session and they pit you against someone with 40 years experience and they fight with no mercy. Literally nobody has ever done this in the history of humanity cus the 8 y old would die. lmao.

Don’t tell me u played ranked from the start ?

Do unranked until youre more comfortable or youre going to tank your mmr so hard you wont get out.

you are like one of these people in league that buy new character, go into ranked, and grief their entire team for 50+ games untill they learn.
unranked exists and summoner is very beginner friendly to the point that even when you are getting omega rolled you are at least somewhat usefull.


Don’t bother with pvp in this game. Is one of the unfunniest system in any multiplayer game. It’s a pure stun lock fiesta with weird super armor system and there is no any matchmaking or balance.

If you don’t understand somethink it’s no matter that it’s bad. Btw for me there is no atm mmo with better pvp then LA. Pvp here require fast reactions and thinking cause like you said before it is about cc, super armors, peelings etc. And holding opponents properly in your combo is not as easy like target>spaming nukes in other games. The issue is that skill cap to get in is high for new players and will be even higher as time going on so i suppose that pvp got not future in this game cause newcomers will not like to join.

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Wtf. You are one of those people stealing my bards MMR, not knowing what your char actually can do or is supposed to do. And let me guess, you are doing it, because you get more Exp in ranked?

What a selfish attitude. Ranked is teamplay. If you wanna monkey around do normals.

And let me guess once again, you are one of those people who blame the bard for losing if your performance has been miserable.

I do not believe that you are even close to Master rank.

You may have risen to Master due to luck, winning the first couple of games, being carried hard by your team. Then never touched it again to freeze your rank and decended due to decaying points.

As Master you have even a bit of responsibilty and spirit of doing teamplay. Apart from that they inform themselves correctly what the skill portfolio does and what not and try it in normals or against bots now.

Though the overall adaption phase to a new class is for a Master very short and he/she might not suck like an overall beginner or low elo player, as they already know how the system works.

And for the most of them its easy to reach lower Master rank in days.

So if you know your winrate isnt at least positive lets say 53 and above in normals on a certain amount of matches (maybe 300), dont do ranked for the sake of the other players!

are you people daft or what the hell? I never said i went to rank lmao

WHY are you assuming i went to rank? In fact, if i went to rank i probably wouldn’t get matched with the top player in the fucking game when i’m on my first game

holy shit, the stupidity. You even react so emotional without even reading my post

You would, because many of the master/grandmaster players play on multiple toons in normals or even their main. Especially as more players leave the game. Just learn your class its normals they don’t really mean anything.

We assume it, because your introduction is about ranked and you never mentioned normals.

Yes, also GMs are doing weekly Unas… or do warm up. So the possibility is always there to meet GMs in normals. Though if you meet them in every match you q, they possibly q-ed as premade.

Just wait 2 min. Then q again to avoid them.

Edit: There is always the possibility to start a friendly match against the bots. Its a new mode. This is how I started to get used to the skills of the summoner/new class in general.