WOx2-OPELPWN1N2NT - How to Fix

I was disconnected and when I tried to log in, this error appeared several times.

Doing everything they recommended and nothing worked, I had to look for the error and try to fix it my way.

First thing I did was verify the integrity of the game, on steam.
After it was over I saw that there were no errors or missing files.
Well, I also restarted the router so that the IPV4/IPV6 address is reset.
What I did did nothing but help to correct some of the errors I had before.

Well, when you get this error close the game, wait 10 minutes and open it again.
That was the solution I got, I waited 10/15 minutes and got in.

Amazon not to say that the error is ours, this problem has to do with the capacity of the servers that cannot handle all the people and causes these errors to be created. Amazon has good servers and why don’t they increase?

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