Wrong Conclusion AGAIN

I don’t know how this keeps happening, but you once again managed to draw the wrong conclusion.

Players: Yoz’s Jar is a shitty GACHA system designed to abuse people with mental health problems and employ psychological tricks to suck out as much money as possible. We want an alternative more honest method of obtaining the legendary skins.

AGS/SG: Yoz’s Jar and the Legendary Skins are removed. We have no idea if we will ever give you access to legendary skins.

How on earth did you draw that conclusion? We clearly still want the skins, just via an honest and direct mechanism NOT a trashy mobile GACHA system.


I imagine they just removed it and are thinking of a way to bring it back without the gacha system.
they probably have no clue when that is.


Exactly this, and even with whatever “data” they’re reading about gold, its inflated by rmt and bots…

Thx those crybabys we will need wait 1 year for those legendary skins

If AGS believes bringing Yoz’s Jar as is from KR hinders f2p “spirit” for the NA player base, they could’ve at least (maybe) removed the additional stat added to the skins so that we can at least pay for the skin if we wanted.

It really is not that hard… I’ve been waiting for this “Promise” legendary skin for Gunslinger FOREVER.

Please, AGS.

Do us a big one and at least get us the ability to purchase skins minus the additional attributes.