Wrong Description

I purchased Royal Currency based on that description, and that is not correct at all please fix it before other users could be commiting the same error

(Gold Traded per 1 Royal crystal)

The tab clearly says “Purchase Gold” though? You can’t purchase royal crystals; only purchase gold or buy (blue) crystals.

Edit: The Purchase gold tab you Sell 238 royal crystals for the gold entered in Sale Price for each quantity. The Buy Crystals tab you Buy 95 blue crystals for the gold listed in the Sale Price for each quantity.

maybe he thought he would get 311 gold per royal crystal

Maybe this too. Unless I’m missing something, the description should be correct, but it can still be difficult to understand for players the first few times.


That part can be ambiguous for sure, yes. But because of the other info, to me that just looks like that much gold is traded per 1 quantity of royal crystal. 1 quantity of it is 238 royal crystal worth.

Edit: Should they change it to avoid misunderstandings? Yup. Is it high priority? Probably not compared to some other things.