Wrong Founders Skin Redemption

I mistakenly chose the B selection from my Gold Founder’s Pack…I wanted the A skin choice for my Armor. The White one, if there is anything I can do, can someone let me know? Or if the Dev Team can just send me an email, or dm and I can let them know my Server/Char name or something?

Hello @Robotussin, welcome to the forums!

I’m sincerely sorry that you were not able to choose the skin you wanted.

You can check the information on the link below:

In this case and unfortunately, once chosen the option cannot be changed. Once again I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hope you’ve a great day and see you on Arkesia!

Ok, I see, is there a way I can purchase a Platinum Founder’s Pack in addition? To get another set of skins? I mean…I’m offering 100 dollars to get the skin I wanted, simply cause I made a mistake…shrug…if not, I guess…oh well.

Hey @Robotussin purchasing a Platinum Founder’s Pack in addition is not an option.

In the link above you can see the following:

Note: Multiples of the same Founder’s Pack can’t be applied to a single account.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hope to see you soon on Arkesia!