Wrong Order Royal Crystal Use

Hey there,
at some point of the game I achieved “Free Royal Crystals”. (I dont know where, maybe Founder pack??). The struggle with this is, the game uses my normal royal crystals first and only if I aint got anymore normal royal crystals it will use the free once. The problem with this is, that you cant convert free royal crystals into blue crystals. Basically I spend all my founders pack royal crystals and now I´m stuck with 460 free royal crystals that I cant use for anything. If the game would have used the free royal crystals first and then the normal royal crystals, I would have 460 royal crystals that I could convert to blue crystals. I even bought new royal crystals to get rid of the remaining free royal crystals, purchased the omen weapon and guess what, it only consumed my normal royal crystals and the free royals crystal amount aint changed. What kind of bs it this. To make use of them I would have to lower my normal royal crystal to an amount that makes it possible to buy something from the market that brings me exactly to 0 royals crystals. Else those will always stuck on my account and denie the purchase of blue crystals with my remaining loyal crystals… Please fix the consumption order!!!