Wrong Pirate Coin Chest Delivered (Twitch Drop)

Is anybody else receiving the wrong pirate coin chest from the Thankful Thursdays Twitch Drop? The event page states that we should receive the Sailing Coin Selection Chest x10 (these have 500 coins each in them) but in fact, I just got the High Seas Coin Chest x10 (which have only 100 coins each in them.)

This is very disappointing because I am trying to raise the 300k for my Astray (not to mention her very expensive crew members!)

I’ll go put a post in the Bug Report section to alert the devs, but I wonder how widespread this is, (or if players even noticed!)


What it says ‘10x Sailing Coin Selection Chest’ or do you see that you should receive 10 boxes of 500 coins ?

Hello! I saw another post relating to this issue. The team is currently looking into this.

There were previously an item given to us by the exact name of “Sailing Coin Selection Chest” which gives 500 coins per chest. The ones we received are called “High Seas Coin Chest” which gives 100 coins. I am assuming this is where the conclusion is being drawn from.

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