Wrong pricing for Brazil

The price set up for the region of Brazil is using the Dolar exchange to Reais(Brazil’s currency) back when the dollar was at it’s all time high of U$1,00 to R$5,70, since then, the dollar has plummeted to R$5,42 and it continues to do so and until the FED calms down in the US the dollar will continue plummeting.
For the second part of this topic, the economy in Latin America can not keep up with these asked prices, a simple U$99 for a game though not abusive translates to R$567,00 which is too much. Brazilians make on average R$1.200,00 a month before taxes so R$567,00 for a game is basically half of their salary, cutting off brazilian players who would like to become platinum supporters of the game. Regardless of economic differences between the countries the price is still set wrongly.

Here’s the error:

The package costs U$99.99 in the US

The package costs R$566.99 in Brazil

Why am i making this case?
– The consensus amongst the brazilian community and brazilian players is that of which this game is one that will scratch the itch of playing in a great immersive MMORPG environment such as this and even though the game can be played for free, it becomes impossible for players from emerging countries to compromise R$500+ on a single game, being that their average wage salary is R$1.000 a month, as for players from NA a merely 100 dollars can be made within less than a days work at McDonalds, being that the minimum salary in places such as the state of NY is U$15 an hour!

There should be some kind of amenities or discount for players from those regions, a merely 10% discount for us would bring so much more paying players into the game.
We’re talking about hundreds of thousand of players who are willing to pay for the game, just not at such a high price.

Provide LATAM players with 10% off before the launching just as a correction for the dollar that has gone to shit in this past few days. Players will be happy to buy and pay full price provided that the price is right, thank you.


Please provide us with 10% OFF either/or dollar correction on steam. The value of R$567 no longer holds.

Here are some suggestion prices varying from a 1%, 3% and 10% difference of the current prices that the community would agree to in order of becoming paying members of the community:

Notice the this suggestion prices varies meerely 1 to 10% of the already set prices on Steam, keep in mind that the dollar needs a correction, plus the currency and economic strenght on those countries present a different reality from that in the US.


Going to assume you’ll get the same answer as the people posting about this only in Turkey.

Game is F2P, you can still play it even if you can’t afford a plat pack. Not even people here in Europe can afford a platinum pack.

Also, minimum wage isn’t a really good metric for affordability on a luxury/non essential product, more so for a free game.

EDIT: Also price disparities when players can play in any region/server supposedly can and will have an extremely negative impact on that region’s economy and player trading.

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All good points lads. We would be happy to pay the same, as of now we are paying more.
Still need a correction from the dollar though.

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Well its also 99 euro in EU so you are not the only 1 who has to pay more.