Wrongfully banned by amazon

I got banned roughly september of 2022 for “suspected cheating” all I did before I got banned was trying to break the barrier for the makoko seed and since I was solo it took me a long time so I kinda just held down my mouse button after 8 minutes I got suspected and I left to continue the story, I had to grab so food so I went afk for 5 minutes and once I got back to my computer It said I got banned for “cheating’ I’ve always enjoyed this game so I wouldn’t have a reason to cheat in it for any reason, I have sent probably 5-8 different appeals to amazon and they have all ended in the same outcome of me not being unbanned basically me saying I have no proof or anything, I’ve sent in multiple clips of my old gameplay and everything I could think of to show that I wasn’t cheating and they’ve all said the same thing that either I had no proof or that they didn’t believe me, I’ve basically come on here to get any help possible I’ve heard @Roxx has helped people get unbanned so if he reads this please get in contact with me,

The server I got banned on and nick is
Region: NAE
Server: Galatur
Nick: Soricyn (I believe)
Steamid: 76561198159433846
My main server was:
Region: NAE
Server: Elzowin:
Nick: Doublecakedup

Did you receive an in-game warning about your auto attacking? I had that before for that ice sculpture.

Never give account information on forum. Everybody can see it.

Also this is general discussion. 99,99% of the comments are from players so we cant help.

Try it in the Game Support section but I can tell you now, they cant do anything about it.
They have the worst policy in history. “Send proof that you didnt use anything”
Spoiler: There is not a living person that can provide proof for that so you are basically screwed.

If its perma banned then the only thing I can suggest it to forget it because you will never get unban.

This is the only way you can do it, so as I said: You are screwed.


if you hold down the mouse button the game stops you from attacking after a few min and even gives you a warning.

So whats prob more likely the case is you got a program or similar to keep clicking attack button while you went afk. Or its not even related to that and you just cheated on something else

I solo did it early on in the game and did it by taping down the mouse button but i had to keep releasing the button and reapplying the tape over and over cus the game doesnt just allow you to hold it down for a long period.


hey man might as well try

I had no program what so ever I just held it down with my finger nothing else

Yeah I did

We learned back in the Ice Sculptor skillet days that if you hold right click for more than 5 minutes or so you’ll get an in-game warning message pop up that tells you your being sus.

Maybe if you continue to hold past that it auto bans you

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were you still attacking while making food? i got a susp warning at ice sculpture but it took 40 minutes but just had to move around some. What mouse you using?.

you sure you wanna return in jail ?

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yeah i got that too on ice sculpture. i use something heavy to keep pressing my auto attack key. lol, but not banned though, just a warning.

Why they make those 30+ minutes auto attack places in the first place, if we can get a warning for it , we have at least 3 places for mokokos in such places and that ice sculpture.

Such toxicity on these forums. Anyone who says they got banned wrongfully you white knights can’t help but add your 0 iq take that they just had to have been cheating somehow. I feel sorry for people who have to deal with you pessimists irl… God bless your parents and friends(if you have any).


The moral of the story is dont cheat.

It’s a 0 iq take to assume he cheated rather than him being banned after one warning message for holding down attack bottom for few min? :joy:

You dont have to feel sorry for anyone around me, should worry about yourself instead :+1:


Nor do you have to reply on these forums, but hey.

Hello everyone,

As @Bommbi has already mentioned we are not able to assist with this issue since this is all handled by the appeals team. I also already addressed this issue for you in these two post:

Please refrain from making more post about this issue as they will be closed, for any more information please refer to the two linked post above.

Thank you for your understanding.