Wrongfully Banned for "Cheating"

I was reading all those I got banned for no reason posts and thinking yeah sure…
BUT today I got banned, I have not done anything, no gold trading, no VPN, no toxic chat, no automated playing/botting etc, and no exploits, I have played 133 hours and am still only 540, recently I spent a lot of time herbing and I am starting to think someone reported me incorrectly, not that it matters amazon wont discuss it with me or provide any information as to why, just “cheating”,
I play for fun, and stick mostly to myself, 133 hours and two founders packs down the drain for literally no reason…
And before you say yeah sure, I don’t care what you think I know the truth, and its a ban for nothing…
I am a older gamer play for fun and never cheated at an online game in my life, I am am devastated.
If I did it fine always happy to face the consequences but I didn’t…
hopefully someone can help me out as Amazon don’t seem to care to.


Same thing has happened to me, extremely frustrating, just get a robotic response.

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I’m thinking what’s happening is if you are chatting in area chat and maybe a gold bot was as well, they misclicked your name and reported you instead of the bot. I’ve had to catch myself a ton of times with that because chat flies by so quickly. That’s why I refuse to talk in area chat.

You can’t simply be banned from the game because some players reported you without a proper review from a GM, or… can you? (that’s kind of scary if that’s the case).

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I’d hope not, but I really don’t trust it. With everyone complaining about bots I feel like they are just banning anyone reported as a bot :confused:

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I never thought so either until today… the fact that you can be banned for nothing and have no re-course is a cause for concern.

You’d be amazed if you looked closely at the code of conduct what constitutes a violation. Nobody actually reads it closely. I have and if you watch area chat for about five minutes you’ll easily report someone for violating the code of conduct. It’s unbelievable what people post in chat relative to what the code of conduct says.

Banned for Cheating… not code of conduct, either way I am innocent of both regardless of what general forums think lol

Kek … DID you hear about new world Bans cuz guilds raported enemy before guild war? so they could have easy wins?
Thats amazon for you.


You can, and AGS will take a week to send you an also automated reply to your problem. Their support is so, so bad


This is a way to get rid of the login queue :joy:

Somewhat related.
My Lost Ark takes longer to 100% close than it does to start (yes, really, HDD and pagefile cu 8GB RAM and for this closing time I really do put some, quite a lot, of the blame on EAC). I closed it 3 days ago and it was still showing up in task manager with ~2.7GB RAM used after minutes so I just started shutting down my pc…after 1-2 more minutes it briefly showed a

“Game Security Violation Detected 0000…some-more-zeros01”.

First and only time I saw that so I was worried it keeps tabs on that sort of thing (even if it’s something that other ppl trigger regularly with legit RGB soflware in other games that use EAC-rofl).

Same thing happened to me, my post got big enough to get closed and now it’s disappeared without a word from the CMs/mods.

Moving to support so folks there can look into it, but we’re also taking additional escalations as these reports increase


VAC-banned for goldselling, when i do spend money myself to buy crystals / gold ingame. this is insane, and they claim my ban is justified, i have to live with a VAC mark on my account, i should have know after all shit that happend to New world, i should have know better.

Jesus, I’m not sure how you guys managed to ban some of the most active forum posters over the bots I’m watching still skip around.

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who do you think the bots are selling to? :wink:

Fair point lol. But sadly, given AGS’s history I’m gonna place a bit of a wager that maybe JUST MAYBE, some of them are actually innocent and need proper support.

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Fair point! likewise I’m going to say MAYBE, JUST MAYBE all these cheaters/botters and gold buyers and sellers are trying to use a previous games mistakes as an excuse or last ditch effort to try and reclaim their rightfully banned accounts :joy:


Can’t argue with that. Honestly though, I can relate to many of the players who went through with it. I remember my days of fish botting back in WoW just to get flying mount. I’m too old to care about min-maxing anymore, but some players just see those cheap prices and can’t help themselves.

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