Wrongfully Perma-Banned - Give Warning - Please be more specific in TOS if you are perma-banning

“Wrongfully Banned” is not the word you should use in this case, your friend was punished accordigly to ToS since he was actually breaking the rules. People playing on several accounts printing gold on more then 6 chars are ruining the game just as much as bots. Just take this as a learning experience that if you break the rules there is a high chance you will get punished.

can you tell us what rule he specifically broke though? i reread the code of conduct multiple times but couldn’t figure it out

Even if it does not state you can have several accounts, which I bet it does somewhere it’s defenetly against ToS to share your account to someone else to play on.

Post your story here as well

There are a bunch of false bans lately as they went supernova against their supporting player base. People who have spent money on their game. You know, rather than hiring a GM to ban bots as they see them on server.

All these allegedly “false ban” are just like you people, actually breaking ToS then running to forum crying “wrongfully” banned. Let them focus resources on other things.

Can you link the specific part where it says it is against the rules?

thanks odiumn we’ll try that too

Amazon Games Terms of Use - Amazon Customer Service

…You may not share, sell, rent, or transfer your account…”

Took me 1 min to find

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And I bet you there is something just like that for owning several accounts of your own to funnel gold somewhere

our friend didn’t share his account with his brother, his brother shared his account with him. where does it say that owning several accounts is not allowed? please read carefully before responding

I know it sucks for your friend but AGS is just doing there job and finally banning people that are breaking ToS, there can not be exceptions for some people since people will abuse it to break ToS then just post a story on forum.

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One CM in some other post back then talked about this topic and said that having multiple steam accounts in 1 household is allowed as long as it’s different family members playing on it separately and as long as you guys aren’t logged in at the same time or transfer anything between the accounts. Then again, I’m just going based off what I remember.

people seem to forget that every AH transaction and mail sent between rosters is all registered and logged. People come to the forums crying innocence and seem to forget to mention the real reason they were banned.

Creating curfuffle in the forum isnt gonna magically make them change their mind, especially if they looked into your case.

and the same CM stated that those accounts are not allowed to be played by the same player to farm gold and transfer the gold between the accounts, which their friend did. And AGS states that all rules are not exactly written in CoC or ToS and they have all rights to ban people breaking the rules even if the rule is hard to find or vaug description.


Fair enough.

This isn’t provable. Their dog could be playing for all we know.


This is provable, reasonable and definitely against ToS. I’m guessing OP is new and didn’t know about it but oh well. Let that be a lesson to be learned and hope they watch out next time lol.

A few things to add here for reference:

This has been addressed several times now. Using multiple accounts to farm resources/gold is considered an exploit by the game devs. Part of the problem that we are seeing now is that they are apparently starting to enforce this very heavily. Further compounding this problem the moderator that made the statements above is apparently no longer a moderator.

While it may seem like common sense to most of us to not take advantage of systems in this way - to others this is just the logical way to earn currency. It is not exactly spelled out plainly where in the COC or TOS that it is forbidden. They have a very broad/vague statement in the COC that covers this though.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.

Basically saying that they can determine at any point whether something is TOS or not.

To the OPs point - a permanent ban on a first offense for something that is not explicitly mentioned in the TOS or COC is just not good for business… that is not even taking into account all the glaring issues with the appeals process.

These are things that every single player of this game should be taking note of. This could be any of you at any point in time regardless of how much money or time you have invested. They could simply say you violated an unlisted rule and perma ban your entire account.

BTW If you are unfamiliar with the AGS Appeal process - they wont give you an exact reason for the ban. Most of the time they’ll tell you that you cheated but wont say how(Sometimes they wont even tell you that much). Meaning you could be banned for a rule that you didn’t know existed - and has not been listed anywhere in the TOS or COC and basically have no way of providing evidence to get your account back as a result.

This is a HILARIOUSLY bad system and I cannot even comprehend people defending AGS on this. Like of all the issues with this game this is by far the worst and it is something that potentially effects everyone.


so literally account sharing and then saying wrongfully banned?

Hello and welcome to the forums @Amandalorian, @kyotea, @AntiForumAndy and thank you all for your input,

I am sorry to hear of your friend’s scenario and how you believe the ban has not been correctly applied. Unfortunately, this topic is not suited for the support forums as we do not handle bans or ban appeals via this channel.

We would normally forward them to submit their appeal in a web ticket here Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games, if they have not already done so but given you mention they already have, the only advise we have left for your friend is to continue communication via the Email they received in response to their appeal. Please bear in mind, if they have been informed about this being the final answer to their appeal, they will not be getting a different one by submitting multiple replies or appeals.

In regards to the reason for the ban, they will be informed of the cause in general but no specific details will be volunteered. Please do not submit multiple tickets as that will only delay a review of your penalty.

Hope this clarifies your friend’s best course of action. :wolf:

Same message what I got on same problem, it seems like you are cosplaying the bot who is sending the emails, great job :slight_smile: good to have you here :slight_smile: I guess you have your orders from higher-ups but that´s really sad if it´s true that it works like that