WTB Demonic skills Level 10 Gem

As per title,

I’m trying to buy a level 10 demonic skills damage Gem for around 400k gold in EU central server Neria.

PM me and we can have a little chat cheers

On SA is 500k more. Cheap in ir server🤭

I’m selling mine for 650k

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why would anyone sell a gem at a 15% discount?

as a SH main, ill sell you my ONLY lvl 10 gem i got since launch for… 1 million gold… thats about how much id let it go lol since its my ONLY one lolol that was ALLOT of boss rush tickets to get that LOL

and just to be clear, no i wouldnt sell it…not even for 1 million gold…to much value in my eyes…

Just buy a lv10 dmg gem and use your silver

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now offering around 450k

That is the worse possible advise you can give someone to roll a fucking gem with silver.


Why not? So you rather pay 40k more for a lv10 gem instead of using your silver? I know many players with 30m+ silver.

If you’re willing to cut stones, but not reroll lvl 10 gems, you’re playing the wrong game.

Imagine selling to him rather than post it in AH lol

why all shadowhunter player have so much gold. I am struggling to buy any demonic impulse accessory and book cause all 50k + and book 15k

I could buy gems at such good discount too.

I don’t really care what gems. I buy gems all the time.

lol @ people saying dont roll gems, bro the AH has literally one 9 gem for my entire class. I literally have to roll.

Well, you could also buy level 8 gems.

Because SH is cheap they only need 2 gems not like other classes 7+

I have 3 sets of lvl 7 gems for bard, gunlancer and scrapper, I only trade the last gem IF i needed damage but got CD and viceversa, only roll for what I need once the gem is crafted and i have 60 millions silver by ONLY doing chaos dungeons so why would I not roll? (btw I have 10 toons main 1490 rest 1475), dont tell me that the “silver is for honing”

In the other hand what you CAN NOT DO and I think this is where you got it wrong, YOU CAN NOT reroll gems to “share” from one class to another… that would be crazy

I will do that with my 2 scouter gems, I think it’s enough.


lol, wtf mate >D

damage gems go around for 500k my man