WTF fix your dc issue! literally unplayable

the server dc me twice in a roll during medeia island, resetting my contribution, getting no reward due to low contribution, and still count as I claimed the reward for it today, wtf dude, fix your server issue! it has been almost 4 damm months ! How can an MMORPG in 2023 still having this consistent DC issue for everyone!?


what the hell are these RAMPANT DISCONNECTS???

people still do islands?

We try sometimes …


People still do Islands???

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This is ridicilous, the issue has been up for months now and no fixes???


not everyone dedicated their lives to lost ark playing 3 rosters like you and have 5k+ hours in game

ive dced 6 times now in the last 1.5 hrs


i got dc 5-6 times in a span of 10-12 min its unplayable and keep gating dc-ed


make that 7 times now

DCd more the last 2 hours than entirety of last week.

I’ve DCed 3 more times in the 20 minutes since I last posted about DCs today.

I’ve been trying to clear Brel G6 for 2 hours now. It’s a re-clear so all my party knows what to do but we keep DCing before Shandi. Everytime it’s someone froze or someone DC. Yes we can do it in 5 people but it becomes so much harder on Ilvl and it isn’t fun for the people who are getting bussed. It’s so so annoying and it really ruins the little enjoyment that LA provides.

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doing Vykas, Gate 1, first try: 2 dcs, second run, another 2, third one: 2 else, this is RIDICULOUS!

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impossible to do gate 5-6, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SMH

We’ve got 2 Clown Groups unable to clear G3 atm, because of constant disconnects. It’s ridiculous that his has been going on for MONTHS at this point and we’re still experiencing this.
My group had at least 10 dcs in the last 4 trys alone and this is not an exaggeration!

holy … what is going on man , i have been dc 5 times in less than 20 mins

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Every 5 mins a DC. AGS best publisher ever.
RIP Blue Protocol

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I’ve been DC’d twice now in a span of less then 10 minutes (EUC) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wow… a DC every 2 mins! :open_mouth:

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