WTF is wrong with this PVP MMR calculation?

Doing the most contribution ending up with lowest MMR increment?
Got MVP, Highest damage, Good KDA, and Battle scores, but the MMR awarded is the lowest in the team, what the fuck?


You may have done your placement matches already and they have not? I could be wrong but the first 10 matches are usually the most crucial to your MMR and winning in succession increases points earned. So if you’re all doing placements or you have done yours and they haven’t, and they’re winning more in a row it may give them more than you.

And it’s -23/25 every lose, even with MVP , +15/16 per win. Literally unplayable. Where is the Lost ark developer? This MMR system is not skill based at all.


Got more attached screenshots in the new post, this MMR system doesnt make sense at all.

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