WTF Maintenance at PRIME TIME?

Are you really fucking serious of doing the Maintenance at the EU PrimeTime at a Weekend?
You guys really know how to treat your Customers… If you continue doing this, the lost ark player count will drop very soon to new worlds 40k…


People don’t quit games because of this, as much as this sucks the game is too good to pass out because of minor inconveniences. I love all the doom and gloom “game will be dead soon cause reasons”. No.


This is not maintenance. The official launch of Feb 11 has been delayed.

Errmmmm… this is the big Maintenance BEFORE releasing the Game for everyone…

no 1 cares about the US

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I paid for 3 days headstart and got 2 they knew it would be down today, should have been mentioned.

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It’s not a planned one, more like lets patch everything we can now.

to be fair, new world is at 40k because new world sucks as a game

This is typical AGS, they had WEEKS to prep for this day instead they screwed up ANOTHER launch and losing droves of players in the process

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Isn’t maintenance poor soul without any brain and life. Is the actual release of the game.

The world revolves around it, why do you think everything is in USD online. i know you were a troll, but i was just bored and wanted to reply.

20k for New World. but your point is still valid.

I can’t imagine how someone’s life cand be so sad to spill so many complaints and angry thoughts at a company that gives them a FREE and an actually GOOD game to play. There is so much content in game i couldn’t memorize it and i’ve been watching vids for a week (and played those 2 days of head start).
Yet they go to the game’s forum, thinking “ok imma say some mean words people will like my post and it means i’m right and i’m entitled to being angry yes that’s what im gonna do hehehe”.
Just live your day as a normal day, it’s a game after all not your new job that you can’t miss cuz you’ll be poor for the rest of your life :))

I mean maintenance was at 1pm UK time, not exactly prime time so there goes your entire whiney post.

youre not the US
lol r u dumb