Wtf.. Powerpasses?

I’ve literally been saving two punika powerpasses for summoner and reaper. It’s not our fault y’all wanted to release peoples main classes they wanted to play a year later. One of the power passes I’ve literally been saving for MONTHS. I have 3k hours in this game… The “expiration” always seemed to be to actually use the item but once you use it - it stays forever. I wasted my time and money knowledge transferring multiple characters instead of using the powerpasses thinking they could be saved once applied to the account as I have saved other ones for months then used them. This is ridiculous. Smilegate/Amazon will literally never get another dollar from me. I’m livid.

Also if there’s a “visual” bug on the account screen - THATS ON YALL not on the players.

Almost a year into the NA release and almost 4 years of this game - these bugs should not still be a thing. Plus you should be INCENTIVIZING your player base to continue playing your game that revolves around daily and weekly chores that people get burned out of. Not take away the power passes that people are saving while looking forward to classes they actually want to play.


Smart, especially because they mentioned you cant save them for new classes in the patch notes


I was under that impression as well. I still have one Vern powerpass on my account that has never expired. But I guess apparently, those were the ones that if you used before they expired in your inventory, would stay on your account forever.

Seems like all other passes they have released since then do have an expiration date, but iirc, that date wasn’t displayed on my Punika passes, when it should have been. The same confusion happened with the Feiton pass as well, so it ideally should’ve been fixed then. Yet, here we are, running into the same issue for the Punika pass as well.


I, too, had the impression that: if you use the power pass ticket, it will not be expired. The ticket itself will be expired on Oct 26th.

So, I used mine. And, the expiration is no longer there. So, I thought I can use it for Summoner when she released

Now, I hope they will give us another PP for the summoner, and for these are waiting for the reaper.

They really need to fix these in-game text. It will only take 1 min. of 1 person doing it. Unless their code is soooooo bad, that you cannot find that line of text to fix it…


Same thing, I’m very frustrated I trusted the information displayed in the game and lost out because of it.

Also, I’m with you. Not worth spending my money on a game that can’t fix such a simple display bug, and also refuses to reimburse the players that got screwed over from said bug.

I’ve only recently learned that this was an issue with the Feiton Pass, and it’s like… really? They couldn’t fix it this entire time, only to let some players get screwed over AGAIN?


Where you here for when the in-game clock was jacked? It took them months to fix it, and even then I think it’s still broken in some regions.

So yea, they should fix it, and yes it should be simple, but…With how that previous fiasco went, my expectations are pretty low.

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Their patch notes are garbage and are never clear. You are also wrong because one of my power passes I did have for months before scouter came out so I could have used it on that or the two scrappers I made. So 7k on knowledge transfers + tier 1+2+3 mats and 40+ hours on just knowledge transfer time and other time leveling them when I could have just used the power pass.

Just like they abruptly ended the pvp season in the middle of pushing for rank; they should have given more time / a global announcement in game and not expect people to read forums/patch notes because most people don’t.

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the only player that defends this kind of practice is these that like to be ahead:

these players think: look, I have used mine. I am ahead. You did not use yours, therefore, you are behind and should not be given anything to even try and catch up. I am forever one-step-ahead-of-you


You should have read the patch notes, the forum, and the whole essay, watch youtube, follow lost ark discord, twitch, and whatever lost ark rated item is out there…have to be your life. If you miss one piece of information and end up not using something that they have stated somewhere…one time/two times far in the past. Is your dam fault for not keeping up…

We have a real life and some of us just log into the game and play and perhaps come to the forum every now and then

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It doesn’t matter what those player think or say.

It doesn’t change the fact that in-game, the tickets said that they don’t expire.

Amazon/SmileGate needs to compensate and fix this issue.


they also said that there will be no powerpass for that machine class. People start buying powerpass. The machine class release comes with a power pass…

Nothing is 100% in this game


wait wtf the powerpasses expired ?


This. They iwithheld information prior to Scouter release, so people bought the powerpass while it was on 20% sale. Then they un-gift our free powerpass once they see everyone who already bought one saving the free one with “no expiration” for the future.

This is scummy business, and feels intentional.


you are on spot about this
but not in this case

dude has 3k hours, no casual by any means, he saw that useless message for hundred of times now, its always there, its a bug

for a hardcore player its been pointed out multiple time that it will expire - it says on the item that it will + we had cry babies complaining not having power pass for reaper - so what makes you think you can just save it for reaper ?

You didn’t even read past the subject line. Previous free powerpasses had gone well beyond the “expiration” date listed on the ticket and didn’t expire until today. Why should someone expect that not only the Scouter pass, but a previously gifted pass, should both expire today when they show no expiration on the character select window?

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I strongly disagree, this isn’t acceptable.

Ticket was listed as no expiration in the character screen, therefore it shouldn’t expire.

What they should have done was to fix the visual bug and extend the ticket deadline.


Sure, the game is intentionally misleading and it’s bad they keep doing stuff like this. They should up their game in this regard.

But in case of OP, why did he not use those powerpasses. Summoner and Reaper are not new classes. As experienced player he should know you can use the powerpass on empty char and leave it there without selecting advanced class.

Only specialist is new class we don’t yet have.

Why you didnt just created a mage and assassin and gave them the powerpass? :thinking:

I created my reaper already and she got the powerpass :smiley:

I read the patch notes and understood that it expires 10/26. In game it said “expiration no limit”, so I understood this to mean that since I had redeemed the power pass before 10/26, it was mine to keep. I had acquired and redeemed the power pass and now it has been credited to my account, a perfectly logical assumption given the information provided, only to find the power pass is now gone. If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve applied it to a character, but the in-game text suggested otherwise. Fuck me for being indecisive about my character’s name and appearance.

They had inaccurate information inside their game, plain and simple. Keep being loud if you were affected by this, otherwise it’ll keep happening.


This is right, but:

using ≠ clicking on the item in inventory

using = selecting a character and literally using the powerpass on that character (can stay as level 1 in Trixion and wait for future subclasses)

Precisely. They shouldn’t have had in-game text that suggests otherwise. Whether or not it was a “visual bug”, they had inaccurate information in their game client that mislead players into making misinformed decisions about items that otherwise have a cash value applied to them.