Wtf.. Powerpasses?

do they explain it in patch notes that using it should use it into character and not only right click it from inventory?

This all comes back to poor communication.

The only reason there were so many unused “no limit” powerpasses at character select is because a lot of people pre-bought their Scouter passes during the 20% sale. We were lead to believe that there wouldn’t be a pass with Scouter release and didn’t find out otherwise until the day-before patch notes. There was a 3 week gap between the end of the sale and scouter release (9/7 and 9/28). That sale was a consequence of the passes not being available for several weeks because the bots were using them.

The “visual bug” being active for over a month is not the player’s fault, nor is this sudden practice of deleting previously-gifted passes that were past the “expiration date” of the ticket. And the reason it’s so widespread is because we were intentionally misled in September so they could sell more tickets on sale.

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As far as I know, that was never specified or explained.

But looking back at the past few months, “communication” is not one of their strengths, isn’t it?

Either you dig out the information yourself, or you lose whatever stuff they give to you because it expires and you have to settle with compensation, 5 phoenix plumes and 3 day crystalline aura

Bugs only get fixed if it affects their money, like F4 shop exploits, those get fixed immediately but translation/localization errors? Been months without a fix

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It’s because they don’t care. The game is a cash cow for them. Nothing more. Anything related to the loss of profits will get fixed immediately. Everything else - whenever they feel like it.


Everyone laughed and said people should have read when this happened to destroyers. So here i am, returning the favour.


You seem to be the only person with brain here. The date was set since they gave it, people just had to use it on lvl 1 chars and thats it, but that was too much thinking i guess.

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yes. they should’ve done that. it works on destroyer

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Still extremely pissed about this.

Even without the mistake AGS made with the in-game text, it should have been assumed that they would expire. Every other PP had an expiration date and they wouldn’t want people doing exactly what you wanted to do, stockpile them.

They want these used or gone, so you would be forced to buy one from the Store.

Why should the players assume this at all? It’s AGS responsibility to have correct information displayed in the game. If something displayed is wrong and nothing was ever mentioned in the game itself, in any form (e.g. notice), then the mistake is definitely on their side.

The players, by default, will believe the information provided in the game is correct. Especially that there is a Vern pass with the same information. And this one is fine, I know I still have it. So, why would the players believe otherwise? There was no reason to think something was wrong on that screen.

Saying that it was mentioned in the patch notes, and countless of times on the forums, is completely irrelevant. The vast majority of the player base never follow these. They just click and play. How is mentioning this outside of the game going to help them?


Well suck for them I guess… better luck next time when they gift out a new power pass

Read before you right click every item in your inventory.
The ticket in your inventory displayed the right expiration date.
After ppl saw in their character selection no expiration date, people went to the forums and got an answer.
The patch notes also mentioned this bug.

And, but I could be wrong here, I think there also was a banner below the chat window mentioning it - but really not sure about that one.

So, if people don’t get curious by two different expiration dates, I don’t know, take the pill and learn to read the next time I guess.

here we go again, another victim of AGs mistake.

Another one who’s confusing ticket and powerpass. Two different entities. The former had an expiration date, the latter didn’t. How hard is that to understand?

And yes, you’re wrong. There was never any notice about this at the bottom left corner of the screen when playing. Just doing that simple thing would have prevented most of this drama.

Why was this not done? And why is this visual bug on the server screen still a thing after all those months? Those are the questions you should ask the big corporation, instead of blaming the little guy that just believed the information that was provided to him in the game.

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Literally 10IQ people.

If you were saving for reaper or summoner as the excuse you could just of made their BASE class assassin/caster, have them sit in trixion and then wait for release.

Multiple people have asked this and or have told people how this works.

Literally FIRST link if you just utilized the search function for all your questions and people also teaches you how to do it.

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Yes, the workaround IS a thing, but what about it saying in-game that it had no time limit? It’s literally the only problem here, people don’t go looking for workarounds when it literally says that in-game.

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I mean even though that is pretty huge a visual bug

people had the forums, the patch notes, and the ticket itself before you claim it shows the actual end date.

it’s like

AGS fault - 1
player fault - 2-3

but if we want to just point fingers it’s both sides fault.

Sure, I understand your point. But do devs expect everyone to read the forums / patch notes? I don’t want to throw numbers, but you get my point. I think the number of people that read forums / patch notes are very low compared to the active players


Same time, not like it hasn’t been stated since like MAY that the no limit is a bug. It origianlly was bugged and only displayed 7 days after using the ticket, it got fixed a week after the feiton pass came out 6 months ago but the side effect was displaying no limit. So while it IS a display bug, its been a bug out long enough for MOST people to know about it now and hence wise people have been directed to the patch notes AND forums.

And really, who DOESN’T read the patch notes of a Major patch and all the info has been in every single patch note about expiration date.