WTH is my Founders Packs?

Ok time is almost up and I have not received a damn thing accept the Launch Celebration thing. Seriously how can you guys screw this up? I have been waiting all damn day and nothing and my patience is wearing pretty damn thin. I changed server to level with a friend because he couldn’t get on the server I started on. There is going to be hell to pay if I don’t have it by the time frame.


If I don’t get mine I’m just going to refund the money I spent on the game through my bank account, uninstall the game, and move on. With everything they’ve dropped the ball on this will be my final straw.

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havent got mine too ,but if you chek the forums there is a post that wants you to post that you did not get them with
name : rgz
pack: plat

so i guess many did not get them and they have some problemes lol , but that sucks cause i am pretty sure not every one is reading this forums

What annoys the hell out of me is them saying something and then not DOING IT RIGHT! Seriously when you do something make sure before you start you can do it during the time frame that you as a company set out. You gave us expectation that we would get this within 24hrs. If you can’t do it during that time DON’T TELL US YOU CAN!. If you fail you will be flamed and it is your own fault.

Im post number 91 of 2k and counting… What are they going to do, read and check every single one manually?

They are going to have too. People are lying up alright to flame the hell out of them if they fail to do this within the 24 hrs and frankly I don’t have a lot of faith in them. If I get it after the 24 hrs. I will not let them live it down or forget. Because when you tell someone you are going to do something you better damn well do it.

just quit then

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A small answer from a small person.

Good luck with that lol

this is posted on another thread somewhere, if you took time to look it clearly say be on alert for it.

yikes i got the platin pack…

just now a got a mail with the SILVER pack…

so wtf is happening?^^

cause when i got the first plat pack i never got any silver/gold pack only plat and now i got siver?

So did i miss silver gold pack the first time ? or did they screw up and i got silver now and plat only once?