X3 vs nesw Postion

If they know mechs, then P2 would just go one step further.

my party just does nesw+1 and it works fine


P1 nesw p2 nesw +1

That’s it. All one had to say and everybody knows what to do.

Well … Usually

This guy definitely gets lost. This shit’s too complicated. Rocket science


if 3x is NESW then 3x + 1 is NESESWNW. 3x and 3x + 1 works its simple and is applicable in most lost ark content. NESW was from maxroll when they made the guide for Argos.


x3 and NESW are already mixed up in Brel Raid and a few leaders dont mention before start, I had to ask everytime.

They should see it, that’s not same. x3 is ESWN

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Is easier x3 because is fixed to ue place in the party and didnt need to pre organize to do stuff and also if the position chsnge u can add +1 to equation what u will do nsew n+1?

It does not matter which one is chosen, as long as the entire raid is on the same page and uses the same one.

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Both works the same. NESW is more straightforward and doesn’t required mathematics calculations. NESW+1 means you move one position down your original position of NESW.

Personally i prefer NESW because i dont have to keep looking at my party number and calculate before knowing my position. You simply have no time for it when a mech starts. X3/x3+1 just adds confusion.


I’ve never seen anyone call for individual positions outside Vykas. There’s no communication required in x3+1. The day I see a whole party type S NE W SW SE etc without anyone questioning what the hell is going on I’ll give credence to the NESW method.

As if basic math isn’t easy enough, at this point you should have done it enough that it’s ingrained to the point you don’t need to do the math.

You see 4 you go top.

x3 makes more sense to me, but that might be because of korean guides

People still trying to do something other than 3x? Havent seen that in 6 months or more

x3 / x3 + 1 is exactly same as NESW / NESW+1 can use it too.


No its not x3 is ESWN

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x3+1 is for square based mechanic distribution
x3 is essentially nesw just rotated by 90degrees
x3/x3+1 is for circle shaped distribution so would be very efficient in valtan g1 orbs
x3+1 is very efficient in vykas gate 1 and many other raids and abyssals we got in the game

i understand it may be confusing to have to do math in a game but lets not argue that a multiplication of the initial 4 numbers and addition with 1 and interpolating the result on a clock is rocket science or something

x3 requires knownledge of analog clock.
Party Number 3 x3 = 9 … uhh… where ? *move to right side. That’s not math problem.

Never use and saw any NWSE nor x3 in Vykas G1. They just pick a pos and stand there in the workshop circle.

And ESWN requires knowing a compass. People seem to have same problem knowing the difference between East and West as well as their Left and Right. The system isn’t really the issue, its people not paying attention to what they are supposed to be paying attention too.

x3/x3+1 all the way


It’s actually NSEW, like a good Christian country.

1x3 = 3 which is E
2x3 = 6 which is S
3x3 = 9 which is W
4x3 = 12 which is N

Are u living example, that dont know how a compass looks?

Who needs a compass when I have the Lord to guide me.