Xbox controller gets B button disabled at any moment, anywhere randomly

Title. The red B button on the controller gets disabled, no input at any given moment. Don’t know how to replicated it at will. As soon as you load into another area, it gets fixed until it happens again.

Tested with Xbox One and Xbox Series X controller. It happens exactly the same both on Windows 10, 11 and also happens on Geforce Now.

Any skill on that button stops working. Happens on raids, chaos dungeons, plain cities and any map area. Makes the gameplay very unreliable.

Thank you for reporting this. I’ll pass this issue over to the team.

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Forgot to add: when the bug happens, you also lose the ability to LB + RS (left bumper + right stick) context menu, like to open the pet context menu, and also the dropdown menu of other players (view profile, whisper, trade etc).

Thanks for providing this additional information!

Hello again. Was this addressed in the new update released today?

This issue keeps going on. No care for controller players and now adds a new issue on top of this: sometimes markers for moving to another area (jump, climb, etc) do not register with the Left Stick press which is the button to interact with them…