Xbox controller support, but nothing for PS/Dual Shock people?

So first of hi! Rather excited about this game and getting to play it in Europe finally. As someone with carpal tunnel I can’t use my fingers too frequent to move with mouse through hold/click 10 times a second. It simply causes pain. I saw the game would have controller support which made me excited, thinking it would be more enjoyable and easier to play, especially while being in fights. However to my disappointment, there seem to only be xbox controller support? Friend mentioned that the ingame mapping and imaging suggests my dual shock 4 controller won’t work… surely enough when i get ingame to try it out i instantly run into issues. Trying to rebind some of the buttons to actions won’t even yield any response from the “gamepad” tab in settings.

Please, can we have this added? Or are there any ways around this temporarily? I can’t afford buying a new xbox controller JUST to be able and play Lost Ark. And i’m sure im not alone in this.

Do you have DS4Windows installed and an active profile setup? Steam has built in DS4 support now, but it might not extend to LA. Not at home so I can’t test it myself right now

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I managed to use my PS4 controller through steam today. No extra software just connected and launched. The button prompts are in the Xbox format (ABXY instead of shapes) but I could activate every input option. I spent a modest amount of time remapping for my own habits though.

No idea what this DS4 is… and I feel like additional third-party software’s shouldn’t have to be necessary for a newly released game? It’s 2022 damnit, should come with basic support for things. :smiley:

It works with DS4 windows and Ps4 controller. I play myself this way to Lost Ark.

I play on DS4 controller using Steam’s resources for it. The real problem comes from confusion with button prompts and some issues with targeting they need to address. Actually have a thread on that.

can you use the touchpad on the ps4 controller to move the cursor in game?

I wish… bet it’d be even quicker than my modifying the sensitivity on the right stick’s mouse movement.

No, touchpad and certain keybinds are not functional.