Y u guys block real players from bought gold from you store

Y u know bots dont use ur crystal they farm gold … U sure block 3r party website gold thats impossible… So why keep blocking real players for u bad game system…

Excuse me sir, what?


Lots of botters /RMTers sometimes buy crown gems with real money because they believe it ‘resets’ their offense, or throws Amazon off the trail in some way.

Lol there is not way one of my friends bought bot account they really have 250_400 blue crystal they get it from roster reward or mission etc etc…

No, guys, he means the recent two factor authentication being implemented surely. Which, if he was just a normal player, should pose no problem whatsoever to him. If he has a computer to play Lost Ark, he has a phone to do two factor authentication. This guy is a botter trying to disguise himself as someone who is an upset, legit player.

Looking for some clarity here so I can potentially help answer –

If you violate the game rules/code of conduct, action will be taken against your account regardless of prior purchases.

If this is about the new Trusted status requirements, you may just need to set up 2FA for your Steam account through the Mobile Authenticator app.

Two very different topics/paths, but if I can answer something more specific please let me know and I will do my best!!


if your friend is a new player he just need to use the two factor authentication from steam, its being writen as a in game message, may be you should try to read before complaining, and if thats not the case then your friend did use rmt sites.

Is not mee u can see in the forums here how legit players cannot access too the game own market is ridiculous too see legit players with over 1000hours cant acces the game own market or they got hard time even with 2Fa on still ass not trust account even if the someone one own 52 games on steam…

You need to use 2FA on steam and you are fine

Only one sad fact: gaming without smartphone seems impossible in future I guess.

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are you telling me legit players cannot just install steam on their phones and link their steam on that app? lmao that sounds pretty stupid

I been saying the some account still have no trusted access account with the 2FA on…

no because if a phone gets lost then they have to unlock acc thru steam support and that can take hours or days. same goes for 2fa via a windows executible. if its not backed up (shocking how people dont back up anything now of days…) they are in the same boat.

As for the 2fa… you can do it via email and be fine. no phone 2fa needed.

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is 2fa working in LA with mail? Or is a phone necessary and requirement? currently using my smartphone but I don’t like it because it makes me very depended

It takes a few minutes at most. Also, they said that you NEED the mobile 2FA in another post. Not email.

cuz some of people buying crystal with carding… they stole someone credit card>buy crystal>convert gold>sell it to 3rd party web.

@Roxx I dont have a mobile phone, just a landline. how can i get 2FA? I buy a skin every now and then or a character slot. but cannot afford a mobile phone just to buy on the store. Feels like i need real life pheons just to buy stuff in game sometimes.

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U can play Lost ark with potato PC or via GeForce now …no $/thousand of dollars required to play but still don’t have phone .so give me pheon

And if your PC breaks down you can’t play at all. Blah blah, i was going through that process and it’s actually really fast. How often are you losing phone?

No, it is needed if you are making sure that bots are going to have as hard time as possible, and as safe as possiblefor players. If it will get properly implemented then there is a chance of getting phone number tied to account, in most of countries these are required to be registered with real credentials which can also prevent ban evading. Beside that you can prevent bots from making accounts by filtering out dummy numbers holded by sites which are sharing numbers to receive activation codes.

idk if i can link but this is a really good video it might help its on yt for free

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