Yall are missing the best change in the notes

" * Two accessories with the same name (two “Space Rings” for example) can now be equipped at the same time."

10/10 change, well worth the wait for the notes.

Be honest, how many times have you seen the perfect ring only to realize youre already wearing one of the same kind and had to pass on it?


That and the back attack indicator are very nice qol changes indeed


ah yes, those too. 100%. great QoL updates today.

integrated dungeons are very convenient too.
going to the dungeons i want through a menu is so much better


No, the best changes are the Artillerist QoL changes.


Back attack indicator is super nice.

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Hit Master even more useful and my wheelchair gets a significant buff. It’s actually kinda comical when you try it out, its awesome. I wonder if its going to annihilate in pvp XD

screw valtan. the best thing about this patch is the QOLs. They are everything that KR has. The stronghold farm sounds so good. i hope it’s the auto farm KR has.

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It is a good chunk of QoL indeed, though my most wanted fix seems to be missing.

No more “Crystal Benefactor” title reminder


WHAT!? Okay, that’s the best change. That dumb red dot has plagued my life.

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I mean, the attack speed and range is kinda comical now, so it just might.

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no no, I meant it isn’t fixed :c

Biggest disappointment of my life.

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Felt the same while going through the fixes list rip


was there any mention of the chore checklist, maybe I missed it


I was wondering this…
If they are giving us male facial presets in readiness for the Destroyer…
Does this mean that the next character release will be Female?
They cant NOT give female presets next update… so…

Or am I reading too much into it…
Naaa… I think I am right.
A female character is next on the horizon.

Preach the word of accessories! The time has come! Descend earrings and necklaces into the world unknown for no power can deny you any further. The power of the accessories is rightfully ours to take brothers and sisters! The time is nigh and the power is ripe! To arms my fellow comrades and let’s get this done.

good, but not the best :slight_smile: acc incompatibility problem I solve once a month.

Knowing where I have rest bonuses or unfinished daily or the need to dismantle half of inventory… that’s what I need to do every day on each alt :slight_smile:

‘Best’ is subjective…those dps pallies are frothing at the mouth right now.