Yall need to wake up! This must be Stopped and BE FIXED!

SO people were able to purchase the pack “3” times and the rest of us can only purchase that one time?? Are we a joke to you?!! Not to mention those people will be able to purchase this again!! We are literally being treated as fourth-class citizens in this case, not even second-class.

Also, we only get 1 leapstone chest. It used to be 2 !!!

What they had - Leapstone chest *2 * 3 = 150 GHL (enough for 9 taps for armors) or 750 HL.

What we have Leapstone chest * 1 = 25 GHL (Not even enough for 2 taps!!! ) or 125 HL. What the actual fuck?!!?!


and they give 25 less jump rocks

seems the mistake made by them isn’t as big as you think otherwise wouldn’t we have compensation by now ?

?? EUC got no compensation for 1 month of missing aura, unable to even do solo content as tower due to matchmaking severs lagging, getting kicked from dungeosn randomly losing the entry for the week. 8-12h ques and everything else

ur dumb thinking we would get compensation for this even if the mistake was massive lol

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not only did some people buy the original one 3 times and everyone else gets this one once, those who bought the original 3 can likely also buy this 1, totaling 4 lol

one one hand, that’s pretty lame.

on the other hand, paying money for artisan energy is dumb so it’s not that serious


Half the leapers for the same price, what a deal!


Deserved, for a p2w pack need to be nerfed more

exactly and the same people were crying about p2w before the game was released
now they cry because they cannot buy it lel

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Feeling totally fucked honestly.


The irony is great. People hate on P2W players but whine when they can’t p2w through a bundle. Unending cycle of complaining.


well you wanted pay2win
time to pay

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Why get so eat up about it?
What’s done is done, just accept it and move on with your life, holding on to something that happened in the past isn’t healthy.
They made a mistake by releasing it, people capitalized on that mistake.

Dont buy it at all. In fact, dont buy a single thing in this game. The game will sudenly shine in about 2 months of that.

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We have the worst, most nerfed version of this game and you are still buying things from the shop ?
I didnt spend a single euro on this game…i was thinking to buy 7th char slot, but when i see where is this game going, i rather eat those 10 euros instead of giving it to this company.
And now someone will say, but servers will die in a few months if we dont spend money on this game.
Good, let it die, there are plenty of good games to play.

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