Y'all would complain about a free ham sandwich

That is all.


Official game forums culturally sit somewhere in between reddit and 4chan. The loudest posters generally aren’t “normal” members of society.


animals have to die for their ham. do you think its okay?

Absolutely. So tasty.

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These seem to be right next to 4 chan. At least the Reddit forums are mostly reasonable.

I would complain if it gives me food poisoning, yes.


Can you even get food poisoning from a ham sandwich? Actually curious.

Some religions forbid eating pork

Sucks to suck.

It’s more like giving a grain of rice to a starving person doesn’t really do anything.

But this is a free ham sandwich.

How much faster are people getting to t3?

It’s not a ham sandwich. It’s a free sample of dope.
People are now complaining that the stuff they actually paid for has been cut with literal BS.

Im so sick of this and every gaming community left, just a bunch of whiney brats.

In less then 2 months they have already nerfed content that players struggled with and said they will be open to doing it again later if need be, they have showered us with free gifts, given us the KR gift that they were only supposed to get IF we broke 200k players, they have been in the states at AGS headquarters for atleast a month and they probally were the deciding factor in outing the head of the clown show.

I get that honing sucks, ya its horrible and makes me scream too BUT go play BDO, or tree of savior, or 1 of the many games with no pity stacks and where your gear is destroyed or goes DOWN a level on a fail, then come see me.

If this is such a godawful experience for everyone then go cure cancer, or get clean water for third world countries, ya I didnt think so, stop moaning.

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What if someone is Muslim and cant eat ham? I mean its natural to complain in that case.

How can you be curious about that? Ham is pig meat, of course you can get food poisoning from meat and a serious one at that.

or people who are vegan?

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Well said.

I mean it’s free. No reason to complain

No mayo… or anything.


1300 royal crystals for mayo. small chance to receive mustard

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