Yay AGS, RMT'rs next pretty please ^.^

Congrats AGS, there is light at the end of the tunnel for now.

I don’t compliment much and when I do people around me take notice so take what you get:P

Now that we have seen hard evidence of AGS’s work that is actually keeping the bots to a staggering minimum low as steam charts show low 200k for numbers of players compared to the almost 900k that it was not too long ago i’m really hoping that with this captcha system being implemented that this will free up some time for you guys to start looking into suspicious activity regarding RMT on accounts and taking action against them

i don’t care if you don’t ban them but at least strip them of their gold and gear, give em a tier 1 chest complete just for the lols and as an added bonus you should hardcode the cheater title into their character and make it unremovable

I would much prefer perm ban cheaters, but if AGS couldn’t do that for what ever stupid reasons, the next thing is negative gold and maybe some of the things you said.