Yay got title and achievement


Good job ! :slight_smile:

Wow, how much time spent? I find myself raging 50% of the time due to horrible matchmaking.

Since I ended Masters last season i got a huge mmr lead which i think made me start 1750 and I spent like 2 ish hours grinding to 1900 which is the new GM range. Luckily I encountered new faces so I didn’t have to continuously face the same people that gave me a hard time last season

thank you!

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I guess the title “Grand master” resets every season right?

Pog, congrats.

the Top of the World title is permanent and so are the end of season reward titles

thank you

The one with a symbol and “Grand master” not perma though?

I’m not entirely sure I have the masters one and there isn’t any expiration date on it

nvm they’re permanent the only difference is that the new titles will be S2 [ Rank ] instead of what masters and gms have which is S1

meanwhile i cant even get a working fucking match in EUW

What an awesome accomplishment, congrats!

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Thanks Roxx!

did you actually delete my reply because it linked to a bug report describing the context behind this achievement?

you really don’t care at all or have any idea what pvp is, do you?

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Good job! by the way I have curiosity, in your opinion what are the best classes for pvp? I’m training with soulfist and I like her a lot, but its really hard VS when I play with my destro. Do you think that all classes could reach grand master but some would require more time? I just want to know an experience opinion, I played a lot of pvp in wow but not here yet.

Losing team didn’t have a support, weird. Guess I’ll check back for season 3 screen shots to see if if they can actually make a matchmaking system fair.

Don’t how to take that given the fact that it’s beyond stupid that a warrior class moves the fastest in the game. Does insane amount of damage (which can be seen in the picture), is immune to practically everything. If anything it is the very definition of a broken class in PvP (PvE isn’t lackluster either damage wise).

To achieve that rank one needs a certain level of skill and wits, but I wouldn’t call PvP balanced.
This is why the same classes overflood arena while others hardly gets represented at all.

Imagine complaining about one of the weakest pvp AND pve class in the game aswell as thinking 600k damage done in a match is a lot.

The “same classes overflooding arena” are db, shadowhunter, arti and sorc and you’d know if you were out of bronze