Yellow engraving text on tooltips is confusing

Accessories with engravings in the beta displayed engravings twice, with the engraving level displayed normally like it is in other regions, but then the engraving description displayed in yellow text under the stats.

Nobody I talked to could understand the engravings by looking at the tooltips, only when they went to the engraving menu could they understand them. This is because the text in the tooltip made them think they got that benefit immediately from equipping the item, and didn’t understand the engraving system requires an engraving to reach a certain level to get the benefit. The engraving menu better demonstrates that. Additionally, the several lines of added text would often result in items’ tooltips stretching the entire height of the screen and requiring a scroll bar.

Please remove the engraving descriptions from tooltips, make them like they are in other regions:

And yes, I also find the “Node + 1” to be a meaningless change. I do think it should be clearer to new players that you’re getting +X points towards lvl 1/2/3 engraving, but adding “Node” doesn’t help that.


Doesn’t help that the yellow text is not sorted in the order of the “Random Engraving Effect” list. This will make new players more confused and overwhelmed.

If the approach was to make engravings easier to understand for newer players, then probably best to remove the yellow engraving text and instead revamp the engravings tutorial.

Certainly doesn’t help that you get “Engraving Guide” popup the first time you loot an accessory, even though accessories don’t have engravings until chaos dungeons.

I have no idea where those yellow descriptions even come from, I don’t recall ever seeing them in RU at any point. And yes AGS, please put engraving effects descriptions just like they appear in KR/RU/. [Engraving name] +n , nothing more.