Yet again the people who actually sleep during the night get screwed over hard

Why is Amazon insisting on doing their maintenances during the last few hours of reset every god damn time is beyond me.

They announce in the middle of the f*cking night that they will be making a maintenance at 8AM until noon (reset time is at noon for EU unlike any other MMO out there for some reason).

Why do people who actually sleep during the night and get up in the morning have to always be royally screwed by these constant and endless maintenances?

Can’t you just do them during the night and don’t have people get up in the morning and be met with “maintenance in half an hour bro you’re f*cked here’s 6 hours out of your reset we tweeted at like 3AM didn’t you check your Twitter while you were sleeping?”.

P.S. I missed the fact that this is a global maintenance and not for EU specifically and the situation is different for other regions. This rant is from an European point of view.


Or working Nightshift and the only time to do the daily stuff is before the Reset.

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Have you ever played any mmo before?

Weekly maintenance is a common occurence in EVERY mmo. How you still havent understood that is rather mind boggling.
Besides that weekly reset is in the night from wednesday to thursday anyway so its already been weekly reset.

This entitlement needs to stop.


But but just before the Reset, that’s not a regular thing.

I don’t know exactly what you are talking about since the maintenances in EU Central have been specifically only in the mornings.

It’s not about entitlement stop throwing words you don’t know the meaning of.

It’s about specifically screwing people who get up in the morning and don’t play during the entire night during the work week.

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5pm here in australia, just as everyones getting home for our prime time…


I don’t see any entitlement here. It is totally reasonable to ask that maintenance for EU region to be done according to EU time zones.

AGS running things like everyone plays on NA is just bad practice. You can’t sugarcoat it.

7 here in NZ, most of the guys I know got off work and got home only at about 6, so most of them had to sit through the queue and then not have enough time to do their dailies at all…

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they’d do maintenance much later if they wanted to do this according to NA play times. servers going down at 10 pm pacific… doing maintenance for multiple regions at once is causing the time to suck for everyone.

Because sun bro. Lost Ark NA headquarters is located in LA in California.

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The worst part is we are given no more than 4-6 hours warning which for Europeans is always tweeted out between 2AM and 4AM. Another company that literally gives no fucks about anyone outside NA. We spend 40 minutes trying to get into a dungeon every evening and now this.

It’s not the end of the world, you can take a walk outside, drink a coffee. Do something else you like in general while the maintance is on-going!

There is nothing wrong If we loose a single day of grinding, in exchange of updates and stability.

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Because Sun Bro. They know NA are a bunch of complainers.

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I am not sure how much later you’d expect maint in NA time. It’s 10pm west, 1am east, right around bedtime for most people without crippling video game addictions.

They have done independent region maints before, so it’s not like they have their hands tied on that end either. Imo there is just no good faithed argument to support the current practice.

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I just hit T3 and planned to finish Punika and do my chaos dungeons and guardian raids. I literally cannot be screwed any harder than their poor maintenance hours and next to no warning before it.

I’ve never played a game with north american maintenance at 10 pm that wasn’t emergency, lol.

The idea that staying up after 10 pm is a crippling video game addiction is pretty funny.

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Maintenance right before midnight is literally the best you can possibly ask but go ahead and try to explain that to people without full time job from Monday to Friday.

They recently announced that maintenance time would be shifted for different regions. Or that theyre at least trying to find more suitable times for all regions.
That said, weekly maintenance is always at the same time on the same day. the only thing that has changed is that its been pushed to the day past weekly reset because people were complaining that it happened during the weekly reset. I dont know why its so hard to get adjusted to a regular time once per week. So yes i see a lot of entitlement here especially considering that the majority who cry about these things dont actually bother to read any announcements or dev update posts.

Like seriously, theyve said theyre working on it and attempting to give each region its own maintenance time, why cant you just accept it and come back here to complain about it. what more do you want? im sure once they adjust the time to suit you better, youll find another reason to complain.

I’ve got a full time job, thanks, and have had one for my entire adult life. Many previous maintenances for Lost Ark were 2 hours later, which is still amusing to me as someone that is used to MMOs having maintenance in the morning. That didn’t matter to me since I was either in bed or going to bed then.

If the game simply had maintenances different in each region/major region, you’d see the game down from from ~3 am eastern to ~9 am eastern, which is more in tune with what it has been. This one is different.

But at least the devs moved maintenance earlier in the evening to accommodate folks in the EU :wink:

I’m sorry but I consistently fail to see the “stability” you’re talking about… The only change is population is falling off which leads to easier time getting in/joining instances… But that’s to be expected with the negligence shown by AGS.