Yet again the people who actually sleep during the night get screwed over hard


Maintenance right before midnight is literally the best you can possibly ask but go ahead and try to explain that to people without full time job from Monday to Friday.

They recently announced that maintenance time would be shifted for different regions. Or that theyre at least trying to find more suitable times for all regions.
That said, weekly maintenance is always at the same time on the same day. the only thing that has changed is that its been pushed to the day past weekly reset because people were complaining that it happened during the weekly reset. I dont know why its so hard to get adjusted to a regular time once per week. So yes i see a lot of entitlement here especially considering that the majority who cry about these things dont actually bother to read any announcements or dev update posts.

Like seriously, theyve said theyre working on it and attempting to give each region its own maintenance time, why cant you just accept it and come back here to complain about it. what more do you want? im sure once they adjust the time to suit you better, youll find another reason to complain.

I’ve got a full time job, thanks, and have had one for my entire adult life. Many previous maintenances for Lost Ark were 2 hours later, which is still amusing to me as someone that is used to MMOs having maintenance in the morning. That didn’t matter to me since I was either in bed or going to bed then.

If the game simply had maintenances different in each region/major region, you’d see the game down from from ~3 am eastern to ~9 am eastern, which is more in tune with what it has been. This one is different.

But at least the devs moved maintenance earlier in the evening to accommodate folks in the EU :wink:

I’m sorry but I consistently fail to see the “stability” you’re talking about… The only change is population is falling off which leads to easier time getting in/joining instances… But that’s to be expected with the negligence shown by AGS.

It’s not so much staying up after 10pm. If the maint had been around dinner time, like 5-6pm, that would be bothersome yes. What signals crippling video game addiction, is when you are unironically bothered by not being able to play a video game after 10pm once a week b/c of regular maint. When you care that much about a timing that is not even remotely absurd, that’s pretty telling imo. Do you not think so?

This week’s maintenance is 2 hours earlier than past maintenance. See todays:

This may be their attempt to give a maintenance window that fits the multiple regions better, vs individual maintenance times per region.


I read the announcements and dev posts and as I mentioned in my opening post these maintenance announcements are done via Twitter at 2AM for Europeans.

How exactly am I supposed to read that while I am sleeping?

Why exactly do they announce maintenance only 4-6 hours beforehand every single time?

Why are these maintenance announcements during the night for your BY FAR BIGGEST REGION?

No entitlement, you keep using a word you don’t know the meaning of.

I could basically rewrite your post to comment on your own thoughts: “What signals crippling video game addiction, is when you are unironically bothered by not being able to play a video game in the early morning hours once a week b/c of regular maint. When you care that much about a timing that is not even remotely absurd, that’s pretty telling imo. Do you not think so?”

the answer is no, I don’t think so. My response was that maintenance sucks for both regions. Yours was, “you’ve got a crippling video game addiction”. Whose post is more unreasonable?

Usually maintenance is done on the reset or just barely after it. When maintenance is done hours before the reset and ends after the reset, that’s terrible.

Don’t think so , i believe the only reason earlier than before because its a 6 HOURS mainteanance this time

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That’s possible - it needs to be earlier for EU at this point, because it would definitely suck if they’d done 6 hour maintenance in their normal starting time of 8 UTC. I suppose I never noticed how long maintenance has been since I was usually in bed or on the way there the other days it started.

I guess we’ll see in future weeks. Hopefully they finally bring about different maintenance windows for regions.

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Stop being a clown it’s about the times of the maintenance not the frequency. WoW doesn’t even do their maintenance until wee hours in the morning(5am PST). Have YOU ever played any other MMO?

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7.30pm here in NZ, just gotten through Yorn, ready to really get into the next section of game. All hyped up.

Maintenance in 5 minutes


This isn’t any better man I feel you. It’s just another Californian studio with people who can’t find Australia, France and China on the globe even if they were at gunpoint.

Taken from Lost Ark Update to Top Issues - March 2 - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG
this was not posted on twitter and this wasnt posted just mere hours before the reset. I still dont understand why its such a big deal to adjust to a regular downtime window ONCE per week. If you know its coming you could also work around that window if possible. Or you could just skip that one day per week and then use the rest bonus the next day for double rewards. thats totally an option. And did you know you didnt have to squeeze your weekly stuff into a few hours of time just before the weekly reset? you actually have a full 6 days to complete them! So yeah, im well aware what the word entitlement means, and your complaints scream left right front and back of entitlement.


Since launch, maintenance and downtimes for Lost Ark have been fairly regular, and have sometimes occurred at inopportune times for impacted regions. We understand that this is not ideal for players, and while this isn’t permanent, we want to share some insight into our approach for upcoming downtimes in the near future.

As we continue to operate in the launch window timeframe, our top concern is fixing issues as quickly as possible. This means that for the immediate future, maintenance may continue to happen more frequently than normal, and occasionally at times that will not always be convenient for players. Although this can feel frustrating, each of these downtimes are critical steps in making improvements for the game in the long term.

Looking ahead, we plan to make sure game maintenance occurs at a cadence that is predictable and convenient to ensure we are not cutting into prime gaming hours. This will involve selecting downtimes depending on regional locations, as well as ensuring as much work as possible can be achieved through a single weekly update.

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Please quote the part of that post that gave us the exact date and time of the maintenance? I am trying to find it and fail to do so. Also they were doing the maintenance a day before for the past couple of weeks and now they randomly decided to do that a day later without telling anyone.

You are still not getting my point and are repeating the same word that has nothing to do with the topic I am done replying to you.

No if you scroll up you will see your original response was A) 10pm is not native NA maint time, B) they have their hands tied if they do maint on multiple regions at once.

My response is that 10pm NA west, 1am east is tots native NA time. And then I gave my reason for why, which you quoted yourself. You never provided rebuttal for why my supportive argument wouldn’t lead to a reasonable assumption of addiction.

And you misrepresented my statements in bad faith, and now you are distracting from the topic by asking whose post is more unreasonable? Where did that even come from?

But i digress.

To answer your question, no it’s not the same, in case you didn’t know, people sleep at night. They do not see warning for maint. Later on when ags figure their stuff out and things settle down, yes it is reasonable to assume prior knowledge. But such is not the case now, it’s bad practice, it’s annoying, people have the right to vent on the forum.

Let me know if I can clear other things up for you.

Your point is that maintenance times are inconvenient for you, my point is they announced (2 days prior to your post) they are aware of it and working on a solution to give each region its own maintenance window.
You complain you dont babysit your twitter account to see that, and im literally showing you the link to where this was posted and all you had to do was read it. Would you prefer if they sent you papermail IRL every week?

Whos not getting the point now?

Found the perfect time frame for server downtime. See below. Perfect for every single Lost Ark player! It’s so easy too.
Screenshot 2022-03-04 073739
And now maybe think again before getting out the pitchforks. There will always be people that want to play when there is a downtime. Just go outside for a change. Hug your wife, kiss your dog. Or the other way round. Jesus …


That post does not contain either a date or time of the day on which the maintenance will be performed.

I already asked you to quote the part in that post that told us when the maintenance will happen and you never did.

The maintenance was not announced earlier, it was announced mere hours beforehand.