So hey everyone.
As everyone knows AGS also did New World and that is a disaster on a whole new level.

First things first, WHY do europeans get to bite in the dust by these downtimes? Biggest player base by far. WHY? It was already at New World the same.

Second, the game is already out, a finished product. How come there are new bugs all of a sudden in the game?

Third and which made me write this post is:
Who thought it was a good idea to post 12 minutes before launch time that the exact launch is gonna get delayed + to top it of FOR MATTERS OF HOURS long.
So at first you guys thought in the remaining 12 minutes of downtime you will be able to repair the damage but then the big shock “damn, we wont make. delay it for hours”.
Like how is that ok?

Fourth, there are people who spent money to play the game earlier. And you are taking their time away. How are you gonna compensate that?


Be patient :sweat_smile: :pinching_hand:


Stop being a drama queen and just wait like everyone else.