Yet another bot thread. Hope this helps you guys!


considering AGS/SG truly cares (considering) about the current bot/rmt situation, I decided I would take 5 minutes of my time to show you guys where most bots need to go by.

I know their pathing can be very elaborate and also that they can be hard to differentiate from a real player so I figured out a few pics would help you find em.

Please keep in mind that since today was a maintenance day there are not as many as usual (this sentence might also give you some hint)

Don’t worry AGS/SG I got your back, you can thanks me later!


All the people complaining about bot threads. I personally hope these posts never stop until the problem is actually dealt with.


Well put together :stuck_out_tongue: love it. Welcome as well.

I wonder how long will it take to ban directly these bots in game if they hire a someone to do that? oh nah they will just depend on their " automatic anti cheat bot program " which is a bot program too. lazy??? too much to do this manually?

The bots are like cockroaches. They’re literally everywhere and multiply exponentially. Try to nuke them? They will just adapt, remultiply, and come back.

this is a common misconception, cockroaches are actually only able to survive in numbers because humans create the perfect habitats for them, without humans, most cockroaches will die out, and the rest of them will likely live under rotting logs in forests, where simba says hakuna matata and eats them for breakfast

There was a video of 2 players killing bots in PvP island… Best video I’ve seen so far… legend!

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