Yet another false positive ban

i had the same ban but got unbanned.

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500+ bans were fake as well

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What do you mean it’s fake. My 2 irl friends got that back then

The worst is, that the ban appeal robot doesn’t do anything.

your 2 irl friends lied and rmt


i don’t understand why ppl make such a fuss about it. they have stated time and time again if they get a false positive all you have to do is contact them. making a scene on the forums just screams pick me energy.

Lol your mindset is full of false accusing and fked up despite ags already admitted it was false ban and you are accusing those people without any proof

If you are having more faith on ags action despite of their history in multiple false ban, I hope you get false ban some day too

Beside rmters are not getting automated perm ban. Your logic would make more sense if you had claimed ban by hack/botting. Please use your brain next time


that’s not what rox said about false bans. She said the error and the bans were seperate issues. Apparently what it is, the 10010 error is EAC catching a VPN running and throws up that error and won’t connect. The ban is a seperate issue. So they were using a VPN… why would they be using a VPN? hmmmmmm

No I was referring mass false ban in March. Read my comment above. Again, Im not here to defend OP. But I won’t blindly believe that all bans from current wave are justified either. You guys are just here to enjoy rubbing salt on other’s wound


Or it wasn’t false and took the RMTlers with it. Humans tend to lie to be pitied by others.


Literally thousands players were wrongfully banned back in March. And some people were crying it was a justified ban like you guys do, then suddenly go silent after official false ban statement. Learn lessons. Again, Im not here to defend OP. But just stay silent and stop accusing people unless you have clear proofs. If it was a false ban, then what? Your actions were nothing but being toxic and salting on other’s wounds.

If OP is lying, then let it be. The ban will stay there.

Again, it’s so hilarious to see that you guys have been criticizing devs for incompetence, but suddenly you guys decide to blindly believe all bans are justified after a day


He’s unbanned as of this morning, thank you!

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It is very funny to see everyone now saying that he has been “unjustly” banned. What a coincidence. #PermaBanRMTplayers

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Agreed 100%

He got unbanned so it was unjustified

Tell your “friend” to stop paying cash for gold. Easy.

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Tbh i dont believe you but i do believe AGS… i saw many people who screams around while they are cheater. And no, im not hater. dont get me wrong please.

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Cheaters think they will never get caught.

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I’m not saying it for him exactly. If he was indeed unjustly banned, I’m glad he got his account back. But it amuses and satisfies me to read the forum full of posts about “falsely banned accounts”. I hope that really many of them are RMT users who have remained permabanned despite their cries. #PermaBanRMTPlayers

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100% this.

I’m also fairly sure that alot of the “false positiv bans” are just botter/cheater/RMTler who try to cry alot to maybe get there acc back. I need a bigger cup to gather all there tears.

Fun fact: I have a zero tolerance policy in my guild for RMTler and stuff and not one of my 43 members got hit by a “false positiv”.
I hope there sleeve’s slide down while they wash there hands.