Yet another Trusted status question

Hi everyone,

So after playing for a bit, I still couldn’t obtain the required Trusted status to trade with other players in-game. So far, I’ve followed every possible requirement I can find regarding this issue.

  1. I’ve purchased more than $5 on Steam, more than 30 days. I’ve also purchase in-game cash-shop items.

  2. I’ve enabled Mobile Steam Guard 2FA for longer than 7 days.

  3. I’ve doubled checked the Community Market and my status, and it’s Trusted by Steam. I’m able to Buy/Sell items in Steam Market.

Yet, I still cannot Trade with my friends. I was wondering, are there any additional requirements to get Trusted status in-game that I needed to do before I can start trading?


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Hi @ponpong welcome to the forums.

I just wanted to comment that on the second pic you posted I can see an email address.
It might be a good idea to trim that image a little and remove the email address from the top of the image.

Good luck with your issue though. :+1:


Thanks for looking out! I’ve removed the visible email address.

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Hello and welcome to the forums @ponpong and thank you @mick437 for keeping an eye out for your fellow forum users,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues consolidating Steam’s Trust status with the game. Unfortunately, it seem you have complied with all the requirements we have and there are no additional things we can actually suggest. In some scenarios this clears out after an uncertain amount of days, once all requirements are complete, so waiting is your best option.

Good luck! :wolf: