Yo this 3 days holding fund for rc to exchange to gold is doomed

where used be bunch of list ppl selling rc to gold, there is only 20k rc on sale in total that’s right Total rc sales are only 20k atm and pretty much they gone in a sec. I cant buy with gold to blue crystal anymore since that gated happen with ags new rules with recent patch

not sure what server you are on and its pretty bad on na west right now.



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Might also be cuz instead of selling their royal crystals, they are now using it to buy the skins.

I mean there are many skins to get, to many alts. Who has time to sell RC now?

And they can prolly get more gold from selling the skins

Makes you wonder how many of the cheap RC>Gold listings were from bot farms using chargeback after they get your gold to sell later.

Only idiots were swapping rc to gold in the 1st place, most were coverting to goods and thats where the f2p doom comes in because its not worth to sell rc to gold mean limited and soon dry blues. Blues are only created when rc sells.

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Nobody going to convert RC to gold now. Main reason people would do it is because they needed the gold NOW, not in 3 days.


If you need gold “now” the problem is you. This is a positive change because it’s protecting vulnerable people from themselves.

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you can not compare fraudulent sales to legit sales, you just have to adjust your price accordingly and wait for someone to sell.

Its not done to protect anyone from theirselves. Its done to combat fraud and poor botters.

its super lame

In the end, general population gets shafted and hurt by this.

I know it’s to combat fraud. Protecting people from themselves is an unintended, positive side effect.

Sure, it protects people from impulse buys and drives away a bunch of whales… you know the people who fund the game?

You think this is kinder or something? People should protect themselves, if someone needs to be “protected” they have bigger issues and nobody cares.

This only prevents people from putting money into the game and going to RMT.

On top of that f2p players are fucked if they want to buy blue crystals.

In SA prices skyrocketted and RC>Gold is at over 1k same for blue crystals.

maybe you need to research why diablo 3 auctionhouse was shut down. This is the only solution to combat fraud and 3 days is nothing.

agreed, they unintentionally added in a “do you really want this item?” feature lol. Great stuff.

People who thinks this is a good thing must’ve forgotten that if nobody uses RC to buy gold, you F2P-ers can’t buy blue crystal using gold either.

Don’t cry when you can’t buy stuff off the in-game store when you run out of blue crystals :clown_face:


Just saying…

RC to BC will begin to correct by Friday or Sunday at the latest. A 3 day lead time was added on Wednesday.

The people acting like the sky is falling right now are painfully clueless.

lol, this will hurt the people that bought extra cash shop items hoping to RMT to gold more (because we KNOW you did it haha)