Yo! What are those?

What are your thoughts?? :face_vomiting:

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Im pissed that these are class specific skins that have been changed to be wearable by everyone. Ruins the uniqueness and identity of the classes

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not all classes get an extra skin, amazing.

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1 of 2 things has happened.

Either theyre only releasing 5 class skins. Which is unlikely
Or theyve altered class specific skins so every1 can use them. Which i personally fucking hate

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dont think so, you can see skins for 3 different warriors there, they’re still advanced class specific.

Hmmm i wonder if theyre not all the skins then

Damn they freaking dug halle deep back to 2018 and to pull these suckers out, yea they want to milk the crap out of us.

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I don’t get your comment. How do you know it’s been changed to be wearable by everyone? Looks like advanced class exclusive for me

I’m just gonna assume for now they aren’t showing all of the skins just based on the appropriate few weapons being shown for those classes. Could be wrong, hope I’m not (since that clearly very Bard-like outfit would look super odd to me on my Sorc for example).

Just based on the information given to us that only shows a handful of skins and roxx had said before the reason skins were delayed were so they could be changed to be worn by all classes.

Its an assumption based on the info we had been given but yet again amazon are not clear what we’re actually getting

Those warrior skins looks soooo disgusting I would not be mad if they keep paladins without it.

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The Scrapper skin is one of the best skins in the game IMO, the rest are meh.

I dont think the male toon on the right is a warrior, I think he is a gunner or martial artist…
But I could be wrong.

My thought is that I’m gonna skip on these


Hahaha nice one, my thoughts exactly :smiley:

I kind of like the bard and male gunner. I’m interested to see how it looks on a sharpshooter.

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Omen skins did not support gunners, some female martials, striker, sorc and we’re changed to include those prior to release.

It is possible that the same will happen with these.

And ironically, the only excuse I’ve heard people give about why we get skins so slowly is because ‘it takes time to port them all over for the new classes’ yet here we are (again) with incomplete skin sets. Fomo cancer.