Yoho simulator, Argos simulator, Valtan simulator?

People were complaining about playing a Yoho simulator while the majority of players was stuck in the pre 1370 deadzone.

Argos released and people complained about being in an Argos simulator.

Valtan released and people are now complaining about being in a valtan simulator.

All Legion raids will eventually release, will people complain about being in a raid simulator?

At a certain point you have to ask yourself if this is the game for you.



People also want content every week but will complain about said content releasing too fast. It’s just human nature.
I’m 1460 and have been for the past 2 weeks, and to be honest I’m glad they pushed back the update these last 2 weeks. It allowed me to get really good at some other things in game as well as doing some horizontal content.
2 weeks ago I was able to start doing Argos Buses, which is a huge gold influx, and our static group was also able to learn Valtan so well that we got to the point that now we can do troll runs to see if we can knock people out of the arena, ram people in the counter phase, etc.


People complain because at current stage the game wasn’t good yet.
Orehas and Argos are I wouldn’t say bad content, but not far from it. The game gets really good with three legion raids on your main, even two will be way better because we also get abyss trials, so that’s some extra content.

But the biggest thing is that the game is alt-centered. And it’s more or less impossible to push alts in this game right now. My main is 1470 and I’m jsut wondering where the hell can I get the gold to push another character to 1415+? Obviously I could do it over a month, but that’s an investment that won’t pay off for half a year and everything else in your roster just stops.

2 weeks after vykas will you write the same? how heavy for god’s sake!

me looking at this and havent done valtan yet. lol


It’s just that the only thing the community/streamers do with so much negativity is keep new players away from the game.

Whiners will quit the game eventually. Don’t mind them, it’s just a natural selection :slight_smile: In the end, only those who enjoy the game remain, as in the eastern versions.

You know for a start this is the Lost Ark forums first of all. Of course if anything, majority of the people here already excel and over qualify the prerequisites required to fulfill the duty of posting, complaining, debating, and creating new threads. This seems just like a normal everyday issue that you come across on a day by day basis. As for the main topic itself it is pretty much farming content especially if you have a lot of alts so there’s that.