Yorn Boss Rush Ticket Disappeared

I bought the Guild Level 1 Yorn Boss Rush Ticket chest from the Bloodstone merchant and I opened it and received no boss rush ticket. The boss rush ticket was just consumed. I also checked my boss rush guide quest in the quest menu and it says that I need a ticket to unlock the quest. Is there a way I can get my ticket for this week? I don’t want to be locked out of this content for a week due to a bug.

I’m sorry that you didn’t receive your Yorn Boss Rush Ticket, can you please let me know which server you are experiencing this bug on? I’ll share it with the game devs once I have that!

Yes, my server is Mari and my character name is Hattie. Thanks for the swift response!

Same issue for me on Valtan IGN Yeman

Same issue with me… lost both tickets that comes with Yorn Boss Rush (elite cube and boss rush).
Server: Karta
IGN: Grimmkura

Okay no problem! I will report that multiple servers are having this issue! Thank you all for your help (:


You guys didn’t read the description before you bought the ticket huh? It says there is a chance to obtain a ticket not a guaranteed.

Can’t speak for the others, but at least on my case it was my first time entering elite cube, so it unlocked the guide quest as it usually does when u get a ticket but the item wasn’t there when I tried to queue for it. So its a bug on the ticket or the quest unlock, because from the quest line it unlocked I should have the means to queue for it.

Same here on Trixion.
Looted the entrance ticket but did not appear in my bag…

I looted a Boss Rush ticket in Sun Lv2 Chaos Dungeon earlier today on Kharmine server ( Name: Myoshu ).

I came back when I got home and went to run with Guildies and my ticket was nowhere to be found. Yes, I’ve searched all of my storage spaces. Gone.

Please advise. Thanks in Advance,

wont even lie today I purchased my first one… just got silver… was like wtf… went back and saw that, then cursed RNGesus

I received entrance ticket: hall of silence from a chaos dungeon. I entered the boss rush, upon mid way through the run, everyone disconnected. I log back in, I received no loot for the level upon which I disconnected, and NO ticket back. SO I basically got nothing out of it. Upon using the live chat with the amazon support, the person said that there is a solution being worked on but I could not be compensated at all. It is infuriating because I do not want to get punished for no reason. They told me to speak to a developer on the forum, so here I am posting. May I PLEASE get my entrance ticket back.