Yorn cooking Great Stew

How long do you want me to this Una doing for over 3 month and didnt get the Meat pls put the drop rate higher for the meat

I did that one on 4 characters at the time each day, and it took probably 1.5 months.

I did this una on 10 chars for 2 weeks

i have only 2 chars

Ya, it just takes time do the daily on both and pray.

I feel you, but
wait till you reach Punika, Ripe banana is worse imho, I stopped doing it 3-4 times already cuz I was so pissed that it never drops

Fact is, I still didn’t complete Punika tome, only missing that, south vern and rowen, rest is all done :smiley:

the fresh oysters in south vern was the worst for me so far, put me off starting yorn tbh

I might have gotten lucky but when I did that I finished all the ripe bananas in like one and a half hour (single session unlike below). Admittedly I don’t have the stew myself but I actually started working on that two weeks ago so I don’t expect to any soon.

Though fuck those South Vern oysters. I spent about an hour to two trying to farm them for a week straight and only kept getting shoved that stupid failure message. Whose genius idea was it to include something like that? “Haha. You suck. Now let us kick you in the nuts to worsen your pain.”