You (AGS) reduces our resources after 1415

From what we can tell from all the bug posts we’ve all had a chaos dungeon bug for the past two weeks.

Of course, AGS commented on this and said that there is no bug in chaos dungeons and loots.
Before 1415 we got enough leapstones from the 1400 chaos dungeon to do upgrades.

But it can be seen that after 1415 you get 4-5 leapstones per chaos dungeon.
If we go by what AGS says then if it’s not a bug then it’s not a bug. Then it is a limit to direct the players after 1415 to cash in.

(The Story of Lost Ark and lies)
Lost Ark: We don’t want our players to feel like they have to invest money.
Lost Ark again: But we need money, so we’re reducing the Chaos dungeon loot so people who want to do 1445 have to cash in now.

I hope you know thats a Smilegate thing not AGS

Also they officially reduced the loot of Chaos Dungeons 3 weeks ago , to reduce infinite chaos dungon runs from bots.

and you are 3 weeks too late to cry about that … that got discussed in alot of threads already


The problem is ags did tests and they probably didnt factor that the bug started with lost ark pass.

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Its not only 1415, it happened for everyone. i dont know how ppl dont realize this. Did Chaos Dungeon with my Lancemaster some days ago and got ZERO Leapstones.

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they just want you to buy gold so you can spend it in cash shop for the mats you need, such a nice company thinking about the wellbeing of others


I’m talking about the normal chaos dungeon above and not infinite, although it doesn’t make sense because of leapstones. Chaos dungeon leapstones are bound. Thank you for your post.

Ags absolutely has a say in how things are published and cadence.

you know AGS dont even touch the game right ? they just give feedback and try to do some patch notes with 50% missing things on it

First of all we dont know what are they capable of or not. But you could be right. Though then they should be able to do something in 2-3 Weeks or not? Or get in contact with Smilegate or nah? We getting just answers from AGS and not Smilegate if i had the opportunity to post that on a Eu smilegate forum and would get answer from someone from smilegate i would, i think you would then too. Its the reponsibility of both smilegate and Ags. And my contact company is AGS. So they should beable to something. Thanks for your post…

Ihr wisst schon das das hier der deutsche Bereich ist

You know that this is the german part of the forum?

Nein, wusste ich um ehrlich zu sein nicht. Danke für die Information. <3

while you think they want people to swipe which is total nonsense i think they just dont want the people who can play new content to reach lvls they need instantly the next new content after day 1 valtan. They obv try to get the non swiper or 18 hour a day andies closer to the normal andies by limiting the recources of the people who are on top already.

we do know. they didn’t bought rights to make the game, they bought to publish it.
A quick search and you would know it.

I think its reduced under 1415, cuz since few days i realise that i get on my 2x dayli chaosruns 2-5greater leap stones thats sus :confused:

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I dont remember if I ever got more than 5 GHL from 1370 + CD … and I reached 1370 dunno long time ago. Imo this is conspiracy theory any proofs or just child’s complanings?

Sometime i got like 15 leapstone for 2 chaos, sometime 9, sometime 3…

Rng you know?