You all need to calm down

Since early summer I’ve started playing this game and realized how unfriendly it is to new players. Like I don’t understand you people here are talking about how there are barely any new players and yet I cant even join one vykas hard with item lvl 1470, 4x3 and 1x2 engravings. I dont get it, yes Kakul-Saydon y’all become picky which I understand lowkey but vykas hard too??? How am I suppoed to enjoy this game and its content if no one if taking/joining me? every group wants high roster +160, 5x3 and title, yeah thanks I guess… This player community is horrible and y’all (some of u) make it impossile/hard for new players to actually play and enjoy. I’ve been looking for the past 30 min for one group to take me in and? nothing. And when I check their group members, no card set, not even 3x3 engraving but ofc high roster. Most of you people are the reason why new people like me quitting the game and the game slowly dies. Many popular streamers already proofed to you people that you don’t even need 5x3 for Kakul-Saydon, so why are y’all so picky??? Let us people who didnt start since launch enjoy the game too and stop gatekeeping content.


welcome to KR MMORPGS


Because this community is horrible. They gatekeep you if you have low roster level, not caring if you are a new guy joining. They gatekeep you if you don’t have 5x3. They gatekeep you if you don’t have certain titles. I even saw a title of a VYKAS HM group “Accepting only people with clown title”. So basically, to join a vykas group nowadays you need to have killed kakul x10 times. People are insane, and community is the biggest enemy of the game.


This is true so many vykas hard lobbies will just only take people wayyy over ilvl. I still have 3 1460s so when I do vykas hard on them I just make the lobby and put like “Title run exp+” and will accept any ilvl that applies as long as they have at least 4x3 engravings. Yesterday I made a “Title reclear exp+ full dps” lobby as no one would even accept my 1475 SH with 4x3 and lvl 1 adren engravings and some of the best players I have ever played with joined and most of them were 1460s. Only issues we had with 1 shotting every gate was the random DCs.

It just seems like people are insecure with their own gameplay or have horror stories of people on ilvl joining in the past and being bad. I don’t mind what ilvl people are you just go to G1 and if someone can’t do the mech after a few pulls you just kick and remake.

But those are just examples of what you might have to do. Make your own lobbies and title them in specific ways to either show what you’re looking for more specifically or show what your current skill level is with the raid more specifically.


I agree with you, they are saying its an KR MMORPG and yet ATK himself showed there’s no such thing as “you need” or “you need that”. It’s just an problem with this community sadly

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No. I dont have unlimited time. If youre a new player, play with other new players. Get a guild, play with them,.


thats the reality with every MMORPG on late game content lmao.

Just because end game players can sync down and do early lvl dungeon on FFXIV doesnt mean they dont gatekeep on savage.

Same applies to World of warcarft.

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I blame the game design. Legion raids are 3 * X alts every week, chaos dungeons, timed islands? yeah, thats going to make people not want to afford to waste time with mokokos wiping. Great game design.


ATK is also a good example of this unfriendly to new players type of mmos because he didn’t start playing LA till Brel had come out and somehow he’s one of the top streamers now so either find a guild/static to learn with you or make your own parties and title them a bit specifically to your own lvl.

Are you that lazy to make your own party?


If you don’t have time, don’t play the game. Lost Ark is a time consuming game like any other MMO. If you don’t want to invest time, don’t play it. You don’t even know if the low roster guy or the 4x3 is bad. You are just assuming. You just wanna gatekeep people and doom this beautiful game. Soon there will only be bots to play with.


You and OP can form a party and accept who ever the leader wants. Thats how it works? Right?


Make your own party then, why waste 30min joining???

you just proved op point by 100%

indeed this game will die, let them gatekeep eachother when there are no new players left


the diff is thats savage
Valtan, Argos, Vykas, Kakul

are all entry lvl raids

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Imagine the Brel gatekeeping. Oh man what glorious times are a head.


Cool, my point stands - no one is entitled to anyones time, find or form a static or guild, /thread.


on normal mode

on hard mode they are all pretty hard on ilvl, and even harder with newer players.


Has nothing to do with laziness. lol
As I said I’ve been creating groups and yet no one joins, is that called laziness too? Or when I want to join a guild and never get accepted 'cause “only +1480” :skull: You are just tying to justify that behavior and if you dont have time, why you playing in the first place? Spending and investing time is part of the game and if you should get sometimes players with less experience, yh happens, yet doesn’t justify gatekeeping content, 'cause fun fact its not only you who thinks like that and thats why this game is dying


No. Some people are not confident in using sids. Some others try to, but supports are picky, so they will always go to the higher ilvl party or not join. Some others don’t want to bother with creating parties and stressing themselves over it and just wanna join. You just gatekeep for no reason, without knowing that someone is actually bad. The people that usually gatekeep others, are bad players, not confident in themselves, that want to pick the higher roster/ilvl players to carry them.