You all need to calm down

Out of curiosity how many characters do you play and are any of them spec classes?

I don’t know what the point of your question is, but I have 2 classes. My first is an igniter sorc, but I don’t have full spec yet since that’s expensive, but split among crit/spec/switf.
My first alt is the paladin I just started this week with the hyper express event and free Punika pass. He’s got random accessories and therefore full rainbow stats as of now.

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you’re 100% being gatekept with mixed crit spec swift. good luck, go to trixion and check ur dmg.

spec is igniter dmg and how fast u build igniter. not something u want less of and u prioritize that stat over engravings

Nah, I need the swift to land two doomsday because I don’t have the gems, so it’s actually pretty good, not that I lack damage anyway for the bosses I’ve been fighting. I got this build for around 1k gold so that’s pretty good too.

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I also avoid people with low rosters level sometimes. It’s a biased generalization since new players are often deemed bad, and unwilling to learn the mechanics. Also often silent about their mistakes, resulting in 1 - 2 hours of jail time. I had a few bad experiences like that, here and there. Made me pretty much- unconsciously avoid new players.

That being said, I think it’s better to allow players to hide the roster level. Changing it to stats like times cleared sounds like a better option. You can’t determine whether a player is good or not solely based on their roster level.

For the time being, if you’re new, it’s better to find a guild or a static raiding group that accepts you.

The reason i asked is spec classes suffer from normalized content when they need to reach a certain amount of spec I.E. blade is 1500 spec at least. So equalizing content wouldnt work.

Now i’ll get back to your post and points.

Some people dont want to play with voice so the people who want to help can enable voice chat. Also this doesnt change anything because people will just disable it at the start after downloading the game.

this again leads to “advantages” as the player base has claimed.

So because they have a better chance of failing their items should be reusable until they succeed? That brings its own set of issues of fairness as you probably can tell.

And this is why i mentioned if you played spec classes above. You’d essentially make it pointless to grind for gear in newer parties which promotes not upgrading gear until you arent apart of these parties or cant find these parties.

its fine go to go swift but if u go swift dont go crit

This is not usually the case in the multiplayer games I have played before this. I don’t know what you are basing that statement on. Turning it off is like not listening. If you are not listening in a co-op game you cannot complain when you are getting kicked.

The new tripod system and related pheon fiasco lead to players getting advantages. Any new system could be abused if implemented wrong. It’s not that hard to make a small reward for trying that can’t be abused. It just needs to be balanced relative to the alternatives players have.

I don’t see any problems with it at all. Only positives. You should elaborate.

It wouldn’t be pointless if the boss base difficulty is set accordingly. The difference is the minimum gear level would be set by the game and not the players. Right now gear that is perfectly viable for defeating Valtan and allowed by the game is being denied entry by players.

Also even if the result is less stress about gear that’s a good thing. People describe the raiding as chores and it becomes a chore if you have to play efficiently for the rewards to meet the gear demand set by players. Less stress is good.

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Quit the game its the best you can do . Leave this ppl alone and sooner or later they realise what they done. The game is simply not worth it all this hassle.

I’m basing my statement on games i believe were pretty popular, league of legends or valorant one of which was the largest pvp co-op based game which had voice chat enabled by default for party members and a large majority of the playerbase refused to use the system. I think league is a pretty solid game to use as a template.

The idea of the reward itself gives an advantage the player receiving the reward. So there’s not much more to say on the topic, if you give a reward you’re giving an advantage to some players over others for doing the same content.

Explained it above but will explain again if it wasnt clear enough. Rewards some people receive that others dont for doing the same content is an advantage for those players that received the reward(s).

First, you’re telliing AGS to reprogram every single raid because you cant find a party. Which is odd because I was once roster level 60, about 2 weeks ago and i was finding raids just fine, so now its my experience vs your experience.

Second, as i said before players put effort into their build, its no different than when in league of legends you pick a champion and everyone plays their own. People will pick based on class and roster level and not gear. So this doesnt help a newer player with good gear anyways.

Third, if a 1500 ilevel player with a 3x3 applies and a 1415 player with a 3x3 applies for a valtan raid to your party the reliable choice would ALWAYS be to take the 1500 ilevel player over the 1415 ilevel player for a faster clear.

Lastly, yes less stress is good and in which party do you think less stress will be met with? A party of jacked players that can complete a raid in under 10 mins or a party with players meeting the requirements that will take at best 20-30 mins to complete assuming everyone does the mechs right? Again the answer is obvious there. Gearing doesn’t stress players its having to repeat a raid multiple times before completing it forcing players to invest more time than needed into a raid theyve already done hundreds of times.

For the record, I have invited tons of lower ilevel players despite all of this reasoning i just gave you, and for example in valtan raids you’ll get 2 out of those 7 players not using destruction bombs, whirlwind, and panaceas. So not only do higher ilevel players value item usage more they also know when theyre able to attack bosses in between mechanics whereas newer players dont leading to them taking more dmg, or not dealing as much dmg, or worst case scenario dying and forcing restarts in the raid.

I don’t know about league, but whenever it is brought up on this forum it is as an example of a toxic community. Seems like you intentionally are setting the bar very low.

Voice should still be default. If people decide to turn it off that’s their choice. Communication is good and the game should promote it by having it be the default.

No, because it should be balanced so that opportunity cost is higher. Now you are getting no rewards for failing when you could have done stuff that give reward. Adding a small reward for failing is in no way unfair. It’s just mitigating the loss.

A refund is not a reward. No one is going to intentionally fail to get their items refunded. There’s no advantage to be gained. Do you really not understand these simple concepts?

I’m suggesting a change to improve the new player experience. I can get into parties now, but it’s harder than it should be. This hostile attitude new players face is very worrying for the future of the game.

But you are painting a false scenario. There would not be “jacked” players and completing it in more attempts would hurt less because of the consolation prices. You are describing how it is today, not how it would be with the change. Yes today people are stressing out about a raid dragging on because they are stressed about maxing the rewards to hone their gear as far as possible so they can be op when they raid.

Yes it’s a big change to take that away, but I think it would be a good one. I understand it will never happen because it is fundamental to the p2w monetization model, but the other suggestions work without this change. This is more the utopia that I would wish the game could be.

Alright man apply to be a dev, since the only answer you’ll take is “i agree” because i have no words for a concept as “simple” as refund used consumables on fail while giving rewards on fail. Just give rewards out through a mail system to player instead of telling them to do the raid because theyre new players and they need to catch up. Also gift every new player a 1,000,000,000 gold ticket that can be used after 7 days of having the account open to help new players buy gems and engravings. Also give away to new characters 200 pheons so they can gear them. And also start the character off at 1550 ilevel so new players dont struggle with the honing process, Adventure tome should be completed automatically for new players to 90% to get their rewards. Also give 10,000 relic rapports to ensure players can gift their rapports to catch up. Also give lv 60 character to a new account so players can use the training facility immediately on character creation. Also give lv 70 stronghold with all research unlocked because newer players need to catch up so they dont have time to research all the things older players researched. Also unlocked bifrosts and roster level 250 for all new players so there is no discrimination against lower level players. This way people cant tell who the new players are. Also 6 free south vern passes to every new account so they freely complete all quests to catch up. Finally unlocked Light of salvation 30 for every new account as well as all legendary engravings so players can play optimally and enjoy their time with other players in this amazing co-op game. This is more the utopia that i wish the game could be…

You need a gem, more precisely a lvl 7 cd gem for doomsday. Go on training dummy and test for a 3 minute run how much damage you are doing with and without 200-300 spec.

No wonder both your chars are getting gatekept.

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whats painful is this guy spent 1k gold and all those pheons for a rainbow stat build when he could have waited to spend 10k gold and those pheons for a build that will last him to 1460…

no wonder this guy have gearing/gold issues poor decision making and we try to give him advice but he won’t listen

Lol, you think I could get a full spec 4x3 for 10k? You don’t know euw auction house clearly.
Also anything that costs more than I have is not possible to buy. That’s how economics works, so the options is to remain at random engravings until I got all that gold. When I bought them I had 1300 gold to spend. You want me to wait and waste my tickets? More likely you want me to bus and waste all my gold giving it to you greedy b-words.

And pheons you get some for free. I have 200 pheons left. I obviously wouldn’t spend all of them on a temporary build. That’s also why I’m not spending pheons on my paladin, because I want to see the 50 free relic pieces I get at 1445, something you guys have criticized me for. I’m very frugal, but then I get called el-cheapo. You have no advice other than telling me I should do things that are completely impossilbe or very stupid. You want me to buy expensive stuff with no gold which is impossible and you want me to farm gold at a couple of k per week from low tier content instead of getting to Argos/Valtan/Vykas and getting 10k per week from just the raids which is stupid. The roi on those 65 pheons I spent is rather good.

The thing is since the game is designed that way people just follow, what can they do?
This is up to SG to change the game direction so people will follow the new direction but seems SG loves this culture so I doubt they will change the game design.

Actually needed this in game asap ngl LMAO


I mean I keep telling people that Roster level is the worst possible metrics to use for gatekeeping but you know the entitlement level in the western MMO community is extremely high. Nothing new here, same type of entitlement in WoW and other games.

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Yes the NA/EU gamer guide

  1. I am the best
  2. post “skill issue” on anything
  3. everyone except me is a scrub
  4. source for all my claims - see 1.
  5. skill issue
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Most don’t want to be jailed, you can get jailed pretty hard in vykas if a few players unsure about patterns and mechanics.