You all need to calm down

Most don’t want to be jailed, you can get jailed pretty hard in vykas if a few players unsure about patterns and mechanics.

I agree with you completely, and glad you mentioned this, as it need to stop and discourage ppl from checking out engravings. i was actually in a basic raid that i have managed to do 100’s of times with my main gunlancer. i knew about engravings and mine wasnt optimal as i was in a middle of a new build and need to get more abiilty stones and accessories, so i pugged to get some more. as i was doing alot of dammage to the boss someone complained about my engraving. they had no idea i was helping them destroy the boss faster with immense stagger and bleed. and it would of been over quickly like normal for me. its a shame they couldnt see my screen. always over a million each hit.
anyway i got called a noob and troll. and the only thing i was doing was playing the game properly like any raid/game where you should be concentrating on finishing.

So if anyone see in the chat that they checked out your engravings, that mean they are trolling and not wanting to play with ppl they cant control the way they want. some ppl could call that a fascist trait. as certain leaders have that way of excepting different ways.

But worse, rather than finish playing the raid when near the end and boss is nearly defeated. ppl got concered for no reason and wanted to kick me from the game.

People need to think about there actions more and try to diverse from behavior where others involve suffer from their flippancy and hesitations on wether they need to have fun with people they dont know,

I say the only way toxicity can stop, is that developers should limit the ability to kick and quit raids or get rid of text chat and only in game voice chat to show the alot of people are just human and want to like a multicultural happy gaming community. like many other successful gaming environment.

Therefore we can enjoy playing other games more as people are friendlier but we will miss playing lost ark just because some people that think they are better players.
Or Are they?

I agree . Its horrible. Ive been clown ready since before it came out and I still don’t have it complete. My guild has a static four with one or two subs… My issue is that I cant stay up till 1am anymore.

People will gatekeep you on ilvl, engravings, cards, gems, roster level… people have statics. Supports are RARE and you’ll eventually suck it up and ask the other 2 dps “hey wanna just try to get a GL or another dps and try?” And you’ll fail. People say “make a group”. Thats fine and dandy. Good luck trying to get a support that already has THE PICK OF ANY GROUP THEY WANT. Why would they choose your learning party???

I took a small break from Lost Ark in recent weeks. Came back recently to get some things in order for my main releasing in december, finally. But yeah, Im always one foot out of the door because of this clown crap…without any alternate method to getting trumpets.

Because guess what?? If we want to do Brel, at least G1/G2 which are arguably much easier than clown, people will still (understandably) take people with lvl2 gear for brel first and gatekeep you simply based on that. So what does this mean for new players, or players who werent lucky to have a static or a pocket support? Yet another raid to miss out on or struggle immensely finding a group. And it wont get any easier from there on (unless SG/AGS makes Trumpets purchaseable by some other means). I try every week to get into a clown group with the limited time I have to play the game, and I cant. And I also cant sit around poking at lobbies for 3 hours. And if Brel is similar, I have to quit. Im effectively blocked from the rest of progression in the game. I’ll take my fat wallet elsewhere.

If trumpets were purchaseable, some high cost in cold, per week (weekly limit) so that we can progress our characters…that would be fantastic. Is it SG/AGS position to allow a roadblock like this stop players from progressing and enjoying the rest of lost ark and its future? Because if I cant get any farther, Im done. Theres nothing else for me to do but progress and if I can’t do that, theres no point in logging in anymore.