You are not eligible to purchase this item due to geographical restrictions

What geo restrictions? I live in Austria. Austria is listed as one of the countries where the game will be available.

I want to buy the founders pack via because I have a gift card balance there instead of going through Steam and it is not letting me. I’ve switched amazon regions, same happens for each region.

Anyone else got the issue?

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Greetings @OneTrueSteve

Thank you very for your approach.

Were you able to purchase the founder pack on your with the founds you have there or not?

You mentioned you have a gift card already applied to that account? is that balance enough in order to buy the founder pack and which pack would you like to acquire?

Patience is a virtue, regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Hey there!

I don’t have an option to buy it. I am just shown the message from the post title immediately.


Thank you very much for sharing that screenshot!

Right, it looks to be a problem with geo restrictions, before this launch did you use to purchase item out of DE without any difficulty?

If you mean, items from - yes. Regularly. I’m a prime member for years as well. I haven’t run into this problem before. If you meant if I have made any virtual good purchases / game purchases for other games, then no. I don’t think I have.

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Hello @OneTrueSteve

I’m back!

Today I’m bringing 2 query’s for you, I would like to you help me with those.

  1. Are you using any sort of VPN?

  2. What’s your current region set up on your Amazon account?

Amazon hesabım Türkiye bölgesinde kurulu mevcut, bu yüzden vpn açıp denedim fakat yine olmadı @JWarlock