You are now getting gold whispers on login c:

Anything i can do (since nobody else does something)?

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Good day MrReallyYo,

the only thing you could do right now is report this person for goldselling and block it :slight_smile:
since some huge updates against these bots is incoming maybe we get some air to breath again :smiley:

I said that would happen and people told me it couldn’t. lol

Yeah this happened to me in Final Fantasy XIV a lot too.

You just have to blacklist and wait for staff to ban.

when you have 100 players blocked whats that gonna do

Blocking is pointless. You never get messaged by the same character twice.

Delete them they are already gone. They ban sellers pretty quick so you can probably empty your list after 1-2 hours

Simple solution: add ingame option to decice which level characters (outside of your friends list) can whisper you (50-51-52…)